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    EM; and Dream-Control

    So for the last few weeks ive been working up to getting back into a lucid dreaming state with some set goals in mind of what I wanted to achieve. The goals were simple, I wanted to drink a glass...

    elixirmixer 01-20-2019

    EM; loves Quitting Jobs

    So I've been volunteering my time managing a furniture store to raise money for the childrens sports centre here in Coober Pedy. Since im (fingers crossed) going to be starting this new mining job...

    elixirmixer 01-19-2019
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    I would be darn cool if you could make a video/YT "tutorial" thread at some point...

    EM is Hiring

    Andro 28 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    Sound like a very cool plan and I support it, however I have way too much on my plate and cannot take on another project. Although once you are going,

    EM is Hiring

    Awani 46 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    I am looking for an elite team of individuals that want to help me do some good in the world.

    I am starting a youTube chanel that is centered

    EM is Hiring

    elixirmixer 3 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Pure ethonal does tend to have a strong smell. Blue flames are perfectly normal for spirits.

    The true test (assuming you have already removed

    Alcohol purification

    elixirmixer 5 Hours Ago Go to last post

    If you're in the western hemisphere and looking up, and it's not cloudy, you'll see the red stone - the celestial one at least.

    The white stone has just turned red

    Coleridgean 5 Hours Ago Go to last post