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    Note to self: try not to wander astray

    It's been tough to stay positive. To not feel just totally defeated. I had written a long post here about everything but decided to delete it. All I will say is, in case any of you happen to be...

    Euphrasia 11-12-2018

    Em's SUCCESS!!!

    SUCCESS!!!! Mother fuckin fuckinFUCKERS!! E.... to the mother fucking M has successfully volatized some potassium!!! ALLLLLLLL riiiiiiiiighttttt.......... Pics posted tomorrow or next day. ...

    elixirmixer 11-10-2018
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    The subject of "making the fixed volatile and the volatile fixed" is genuinely alchemical and it goes all the way back to the earliest texts,

    Routine Potassium Check-up

    JDP 1 Hour Ago Go to last post

    Thank you Michael, no rush and greatly appreciated.

    Alchemical Films

    black 6 Hours Ago Go to last post
    Michael Sternbach

    As far as I remember, there was some more, but it was years ago that I read this, so I better look up what he said exactly.

    I might be too

    Alchemical Films

    Michael Sternbach 7 Hours Ago Go to last post
    Florius Frammel

    Yes, that's an ofted quoted sentence by Van Helmont.

    The motive of making the fixed volatile and the volatile fix is an often recurring one,

    Routine Potassium Check-up

    Florius Frammel 9 Hours Ago Go to last post

    The author who made this idea fashionable among chymists was van Helmont. In his Treatise of Fevers, this chymist recommends volatilized salt of tartar

    Routine Potassium Check-up

    JDP 10 Hours Ago Go to last post