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    Greg Marcus

    Happy accidents

    Most of this is some older work. I've resized everything to 600 width, and they do lose a little bit compared to being full screen, but the effect is still there somewhat. Contrary to the title, ...

    Greg Marcus 02-22-2019
    Greg Marcus

    Die Erleuchteten

    Well, this one I remembered ordering. They lied when they said it was in "Good" condition. It's in excellent condition. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. I don't read German. Ha...

    Greg Marcus 02-21-2019
    Greg Marcus

    Foundations of Newton's Alchemy

    This came in the mail yesterday. I don't remember ordering it. I had to search my email to see that I bought it in January.. It was only $12+reasonable S&H. I'm thinking it came up in a...

    Greg Marcus 02-19-2019
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