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    Greg Marcus

    Jaroš Griemiller - Rosarium philosophorum (1578)

    As mentioned in another post, this is known as "Griemiller's Rosary". If you're like me, you are probably familiar with at least a couple of the images, although they are rarely used with any...

    Greg Marcus 01-17-2020
    Greg Marcus

    MBK 2° Ms. chem. 21 Lux lucens in tenebris, Splendor solis, Angelus lucis (1584)

    A couple of things.. I resize images before posting.. I'm not extremely consistent, I use anywhere from 500-600px width. I don't have the patience to resize one copy for display, upload both that and...

    Greg Marcus 01-17-2020
    Greg Marcus

    geometrical diagrams.

    During some recent researches I've happened upon a few german words that have led to more information about the things I like to talk about. "Kreisschemata"/"Kreisfiguren", and Lehrtafel The...

    Greg Marcus 01-15-2020
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