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    EM: A detour to the lands

    SO I've gotten a bit side tracked since half way through my move out to the mountains. I went out to the aboriginal lands and have been living with a family out here for about a week. It's been a...

    elixirmixer 10-17-2019
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    Yes, I missed you Dragon's Tail.

    Thank you for sharing your experiments they are very helpful. I am curious about the medicinal

    New Jelly Balls!!

    Seraphim 2 Hours Ago Go to last post
    Florius Frammel

    There are more than one example of texts, which say the work can be done with mercury alone though.


    Florius Frammel 8 Hours Ago Go to last post
    Illen A. Cluf

    Agreement often implies an overwhelming, underlying Truth.

    "Spiritus Mundi" and "Magnet" are the key preliminary determinants,


    Illen A. Cluf 9 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Hi. I just wash with soap.) I use very simple equipment. It is easy to clean.

    golden water experiment

    virtus 9 Hours Ago Go to last post
    Florius Frammel

    Could it be for the first time in history of AF that all participants of a discussion agree?


    Florius Frammel 9 Hours Ago Go to last post