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    The life of a slave...

    I dont know how you people do it. Ive done my absolute best not to contribute in anyway to society (the death-machine). And to take from it and turn it iti something beautiful (my family) ...

    elixirmixer 07-16-2018

    Keep me calm boys.

    I had my first theft from my opal mine today. I saw them do it. I need advice. Usually; we shot first and ask questions later out here.... Id like to go to the grave without having to...

    elixirmixer 07-14-2018

    EM is not well..

    Im in some serious pain here lads. Ive got a gall-bladder full of stones. Its fucking killing me. I moved a stone oit of my gall bladder using my tai-chi relaxation skills; which was a horrible...

    elixirmixer 07-12-2018
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