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EM; Resisting Demonic Forces

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I had something happen to me last night, which I can only describe as:

"The most intense, scary, hardcore and potentially most dangerous thing thats ever happened to me."

I went into a different world. I took the dream world as a pathway and then entered a type of 'ego-paradise'. A beautiful world of lush environment, an incredibly colourful and lively town who's very existence seemed to be for me alone. Hundreds of "people" were around, and yet they ALL seemed interested in one thing only.


This was by-no-means a regular dream. This was a planned and precise attempt to kidnap my consciousness by beings of a another world.

Allow me to explain: it all started off much like any other dream. I was mining for opal with my wife and children. From there i stumbled upon some 'boulder opal' (look it up) and bumped into an old friend.

Then i was getting ready for the TV show, and many family and friends were there to support me.

Then; the shift.

I lost my wife and children in the crowd... and my family and friends seemed to wander off aswell... i had 'Escorts' which i thought were from the T.V. show. Man were they going to all extents to make me feel good and happy about myself. In fact everyone seemed to be. I felt like i could do ANYTHING and they would even care, they wouldnt mind at all, as long as it was making me happy. I was a celebrity, like a champion from the hunger games or something..

I saw this clown give me a weird look which i didnt like, and I thought to myself "I could punch him right in the face in front of these hundreds of people and they wouldnt even mind! So i did!

No matter what, these people would do and say anything to keep me happy. My escorts were all pretty young virgins and they all even offered themselves to me....

I asked "Where is my wife, where are my children."; they told me "oh dont worry about them, they are fine."

But i wanted to know they were okay and looking for them i insisted. .. "I want to see my wife.." yet the more I asked for my wife and children the more they came up with excuses and started offering themselves to me.

Something wasnt right. I started to panic. "Where are my kids!!!" "What is this place?" "I want to see my wife!!"

I became concious that i was in some type of astral realm and not merely the dream world.

They were telling me "Just relax" and i thought; "well thats exactly what im going to do you fuckin bastards" i let go of all the tension i was feeling and allowed myself to float up high into the sky. This scared the 'people' they were like "how is he doing that" (this is when i realized fully and remembered franz bardons teaching, that these types of entities could trap the mind and destroy a humans physicality; that i was human, and that they were some type of elementary powers that wished to feed from my human soul) then i did a ground pound, slamming into the ground and sending a shock-wave around me that pushed them all back. This allowed me to see through the crowd and i spotted a very happy, sedistic looking fellow who i though may have been one of the orchestrators of this bewildering spell.

I could see in his eyes his evil intention of mesmerizing me into being stuck in this place for all of oblivion. He tried running from me but i used all my will to magnetically pull him and grab him and then because they were trying to restrict my will power with magic, and he was trying to get away, i did what any rational and sane man would have done in that situation. I chewed his face off.

This did the trick, i incepted up another level closer to our world, and then the escorts came back but in a different appearence. Yet, EM is not easily fooled. One of the girls teeth was exactly the same as the previous escorts; however, because one of their main dark-magician wanna-bes had just been seriously taken down, their powers of mental cohertion was weakening and i could shake myself out of this level using great will power to do so (perviously despite my best efforts i could not assend out of the last level).

This went on a bit. I had to "wake up" about 5 or 6 times before I actually woke up in the real world, so deep was the mesmerizing effect of their magic.

I woke up with tingles all over my body. In the top 5 most powerful waves of energy ive ever felt through my body. It was a little traumatic and i woke my wife and children up at 4am because i was scared of going back to sleep and i needed to feel close to my family which had felt as if i almost lost them forever.

I seriously believe that if i had chosen to sleep with any of those girls, i never ever ever would have woken up in the real world again, and that i would have gone into a coma or died.

The freakiest shit thats ever happened to me. Bar-none. The bastards have tried to take me down a few times before and it always takes a lot of will to fight my way out; however, this was the closest they have ever been to chewing up my mind and soul.

If it wasnt for my unbreakable desire to be with my wife and children, i truely believe that i never would have come back.

Scientifically speaking, maybe i had a mini stroke or something in my sleep, but whatever it was, it was absolutely freaky as hell.

I went back to sleep at about 6-7am only to return to the regular opal hunting dreams ive been having ever since I got here...

This is a very dumbed down version of the events. It is very difficult to put into words things that happen astrally.

Does anyone with more experience than me with entities try and explain what the fuck was happening and why.

Ill repeat... this was not a dream. It felt very very real and demonic. Normally i do not remember dreams in much detail at all but this i remember perfectly because i experienced it... with great intensity .

Totally full on.

On the brighter side; i had a lovely day today and im cooking butter chicken tonight

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  1. Awani's Avatar
    Awani -
    It sounds like an excellent dream that teaches you what is most important in life. You might think this is something you already know, but when you are "shown" the loss and you can go through the experience, then the knowledge is more firmly planted into your being. IMO.

    Have you done the Ayahausca yet?

  2. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Experiencing the loss has made dramatic changed in my behaviour to my family. In fact over the last 6 months there has been a huge change. Im spending more time with the family and i make sure im home for dinner every night. And my loyalty has grown and become very strong and unbreakable towards my wife also.

    I have not done so, i have been working instead of cleansing however the cleanse will begin soon. I'm building a giant orgone accumulation device and im going to fast and pray inside of that for a while and probably take the ayurveda meds inside the box.
  3. Awani's Avatar
    Awani -
    Good on ya!

  4. Seth-Ra's Avatar
    Seth-Ra -
    Fun; sounds like a run in with a succubus. They aren't the worst things to encounter, but to much indulgence with them can and will begin to wear on ya. However, the masculine force that was controlling the situation, doesn't sound like one, nor an incubus. Such actually sounds like something a bit higher up the ranks, and was using the succubi and the rest to test you. For what purpose and to what end, who knows. Possibly for whats next.
    If a succubus were truly trying to spiritually copulate with ya, they either would have imitated the wife, or simply glamoured you in such a way as to completely forget about such, and it would feel like an ecstasy trip mixed with magical sex. (or they'd have tried a mixture of the two - and you'd have had a wet dream, and probably felt wore the fuck out for the next 24-48 hours.)
    Twas clearly a "game" of sorts designed to test your resolve and see what you would do. Even the demons have important lessons to teach us if we pay attention - the left hand and the right hand ultimately serve the same One Mind.

  5. Awani's Avatar
    Awani -
    Instead of fucking those virgins on offer you should have grabbed the "being" offering (the one trying to "seduce") and raped it. LOL.

    That should teach it.

  6. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Thank you Seth-Ra; that does sound like a very accurate evaluation. I was hoping someone knowledgeable in these types of things would pipe up with some info.

    I do feel as if it may have been a test for something else coming soon. Yes they were definitely trying to make me 'forget' about my family. However they failed in every regard. Mr big shot, what might he have been? What type of entities can succubus "work for"?

    They seemed like pretty low level succubus, they were pretty dumb, wernt overly pushy, and when they saw i had powers they got rather scared....

    Im not sure if rape would have been any worse than the face chewing, however im not sure if i did it much damage. There wasnt any blood, i just used all my might to sink my teeth into its cheek and when i had locked on; i got released somewhat from the spell.
  7. Seth-Ra's Avatar
    Seth-Ra -
    Happy to help in these regards.

    They sound like weak ones; like I said, any of them with any real strength would have easily had you. (Or anyone)
    It's literally what they are designed to do.
    Like said, not a big deal, except in over indulgence. (Like most things, dose determines poison or cure.)
    So they were either weak, or they were being forced to stay "behaved" to a degree with their own abilities, by "Mr. Bigshot", who was clearly orchestrating this game.
    Who or what he was is a good question. It's not strong enough to be an Archon/god. From the sounds of it, it would be Asmodeus; a being who is thought to be a prince or king of demons, a husband of Lilith (mother of the succubi and incubi), and most importantly, an embodiment of lust and wrath.
    Research him a bit:
    Decent starting ground.
    If you pay attention, you may see what and why you're being tested.
    (Rather than just used/devoured/fucked... Lol)
  8. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    What could the reasons be for demons to test a human?
  9. Seth-Ra's Avatar
    Seth-Ra -
    To make sure you're worthy and ready for what the Higher Ups are going to bestow.
    For the demons/Shadows themselves, it's a chance to feed; if you fail, they get a nice meal. If you win, they may get something from Higher Up as a reward for doing a good job testing... or maybe they won't. Depends.
    But for them, it's important to do a good job testing the quality of their food.

    It has been said by some, that a sorcerer would rather be possessed than ignored by a spirit. While that's a bit of an extreme sentiment, the heart of it rings true; it's better to be worthy of their attention and to have them consistently testing (and thus growing) you, than to ignore you as a low hanging fruit like the rest of the cattle.
  10. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Nice. Well a good result i think. I appreciate your input Seth~Ra, very much in fact.