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solomon levi

alchemist as PM-MP

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As i learn, grow, practice, i see more and more the unfolding of the path.
There have been several returns to the black phase, several circulations.
Of course as long as you grow there will be circulations until you ascend.
What i want to mention today is that there is an end to the black phase.
I've been going through some rough things lately that i noticed today would have been classified
as black before but now they are just grey, which means i handle them much more smoothly...
they used to devastate me but now i've repeated this enough times that i've learned to roll with it in relative grace.

Maybe i'll find out i'm wrong, but i feel like i can't experience black anymore - my ashes are calcined to grey -
there is some good in every bad and vice versa, if you want to look at it that way. Everything that happens to
me is from spirit and it helps me to grow into a stronger (multiplication) being, more encompassing.

My best tool for this at this time is people who don't appreciate me, who don't give but take, those who
take advantage and take for granted, those who don't see who i am... there's a lot of memes on FB about
leaving such people, surrounding yourself with people that love and appreciate you, not crossing oceans
for someone who jump a puddle for you, etc. While this applies to many and is good advice, for someone
like me endeavoring to be unconditional and infinite, it is inapplicable. If i walk away from these people, it
is as if God has judged them. You may think that egotistical... it's not for me. I am the one consciousness.
The more i real-ize this, the more responsible i am. I just can't bring myself to judge or condemn anyone
without cutting off my own head/heart. Seriously, this is not something i am trying to be - i don't try
to be good. It's something i HAVE to be. If i figure out how to explain it better i will. The pain of judgement
is felt in me... the thought of judgement is painful to me, it breaks my heart. I cannot fracture myself by
judging another.
Anyways, people who are unconscious, unaware, unappreciative, etc give me this wonderful opportunity to
calcine the last vestiges of the ego. When i give my heart, my love, my attention, my energy to these people
and i see that they are helped in ways that no one else has helped them... for a moment they wake up because
of the unusual, the unexpected... but then they fall back asleep (which is why we should teach people how to
fish instead of giving a fish). Jesus came to give the waters of life and found no one thirsty (so it is written).
It's that kind of thing. I'm Jack Frost (the movie Rise of the Guardians - watch it if you haven't; awesome!)

So instead of indulging in feeling unappreciated i shift my perception. I notice these things, they try to eat at
my ego, but i am victorious and melt into love and non-separation, in a nutshell. Anyway, when Jesus said,
"I have come for the sinners, not the righteous." it is also the "sinners" that challenge us to become more,
that help us hone/tune/temper our spirit... Castaneda's "petty tyrants", which are essential to the growth of
a warrior.

So how powerful is your stone? How much can you transmute, or do you reject some and meet your limit?

solomon levi

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