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solomon levi


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There are three principle ways to perceive the universe - mercury, sulphur and salt; sattva, rajas and tamas; preserver, creator, destroyer, etc.
A shaman manifests all three simultaneously and merges with the Source.
A shaman never believes a manifestation unless s/he wants to, knowing that it is a perceptual agreement, maya-illusion, lila-play...
thus a shaman is responsible for everything in their life.
A shaman is even responsible for his/her degree of forgetting what s/he knows in order to become mentally, emotionally and physically involved in the drama.
During this phase, a shaman is very useful in helping those who ask to realize bigger/smaller pictures of the one. Traditionally, they are identified with
mercury, the preserver, the fish, vishnu, christ, ioannes, etc.

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