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" Civilisation is a deception " - A Hermit's Guide to Longevity

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" Act your age "

Our preconceptions with age comes from civilisation. If the average lifespan was 250 years, we would all be teenagers not biologically
but socially up to our 40's. We find our age within society comes by a social consensus.
An example of this is how people behave when they're alone. The social rules that dictated what certain age groups should or shouldn't do
are not present and there is no stigma attached to their behaviour.( a 30 year old playing with toy figures )
We all act silly sometimes when we're alone, put on voices do funny dances etc.
We do this because there is no social pressure to tell us what our age is and how we should act according to it.
We are free for a moment to act without bondage before someone see's us and we are self conscious of our behaviour.

Imagine if you were completely alone millions of miles from anyone. All your survival needs are met and you were pretty comfortable.
Your behaviour no matter how silly or immature would have no judge other than yourself.
Take the society away and only you now will decide what age you are. There are no pressures on how you should behave.
Our " age " is a mental concept. We have attached patterns of behaviours to stages of our biological decay.
What someone at a specific age should or shouldn't do.

We can dispel this mental concept in us by following those silly moments when we're alone, not hesitating to think " am i to old for this ".
With no one else around to instil social norms on our age group, our age becomes malleable to us.
We can decide if we are an old man or young man. We can be teenagers in our 80's or old men in our 20's.

Biologically does any of this have an effect. Yes.
In old peoples homes the residents are encouraged to do as much as they can for themselves, youthful activities are promoted
not just for entertainment but because psychologically a youthful attitude helps increase lifespan and alertness of the mind.
Increased fertility, faster healing, there's a slew of new age books that use these psychological mechanisms.

Hermits who have lost all concept of age have essentially used these psychological mechanisms to slow they're biological age.
By always remaining open to childishness and immaturity and not shunning it within themselves, they have given instructions to they're bodies to keep all biological functions, mental acuteness, dexterity, in their prime for as long as possible.
Youthfulness is a state of being, the body responds to this strong biological drive if you psychologically pursue immaturity and childish behaviour.

There really is truth to " You are as young as you feel ".

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Updated 10-19-2018 at 03:29 AM by Kibric

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  1. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Well I should stay young forever then! HaHa!