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EM goes to Counsil

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So recently Coober Pedy jas had its local government elections for a new Mayor and Counsil members.

Theres a lot of heated contention in the counsils office due to many reasons. The last counsil made an absolute mess of the towns finances getting caught up in a bad power deal worth a wasted $200million.

There were a lot of people from town trying to 'get in' for varying reasons (some OBVIOUSLY personal interest).

Some were friends and we heard on the grape vine that one bloke was planning on handing some legal action against the mayor on his first day in office..... i did what any decent man would do....


I brought a big box filled with red and white striped cups filled up with popcorn and started handing them out to people in the counsil chambers. A lot of people were laughing and even the previous Mayor who was running the meeting laughed and gave me a thumbs up.

I had a blast and someone tried buying popcorn off me for their little son but i was just handing it out for free.

Another day, another hilarious shenanigan pulled off. Didnt even get pepper sprayed this time. Win Win.


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