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Alchemy; Magnets vs Prima Materia

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As Elixirmixer slowly digests the concepts of alchemical theory, certain bi-polic waves and trofts have surfaced as many people have witnessed.

There were two ways to go from here. Either begin flat-lining and potentially lose all hope in discovering the true Materia, and true method of workings;

Or progress upward unto new heights, and new, amazing levels of understanding...

I have come to believe that the the Prima Materia, is hardly a material substance at all, and that one of the greatest hurdles that I have been stumbling on, is mixing up the terms Prima Materia, and Magnet.

Its clear that many people have used Magnets in order to 'attract' a certain substance.

This substance (I believe) is the Fire of Aries. Our Philosophical Sulfur.

While we desperately seek in the dark for a substance or composition that can display the colour changes and motions we are all accustomed to reading about, the celestial radiance of the stars continues to bead down upon our heads, unnoticed.

So perhaps it is less relevant, what substance is used in the flask. And more relevant to consider that it is something else entirely that we are looking to capture, nurture and grow.

A philosophical substance, that all may, with their powers of reasoning, consider and ponder.

It is everywhere, both the rich and the poor enjoy the moons glow, they both draw in the spring's breeze.

Split a log and He is there, lift a Stone and you will find Him.

It is a Dry Water, and the Waters of Life flow through us all. Be baptized by it and you will die, only to be lifted up again into a Virgin Earth, clean and pure before your Maker.

It kills and decays, and yet is Life Eternal.

The Nectar of the Gods.

It is Love.

And may we all share in its glow.


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  1. Loki Morningstar's Avatar
    Loki Morningstar -
    Really enjoying your blog mate. Been reading some of the back issues. You have been on quite a journey. I really look forward to seeing where it takes you next. Have you thought much about fluorescents?
  2. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Thanks man. Appreciate the support. I have no considered fluoresencts yet no, i might have a peek today. cheers.