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The Beginning

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I am in deep spiritual trouble. It has been months, possibly even years of suffering and yet i still fail to stand on my feet. No matter how much i think of it, it dazzles me how much of an obstacle one's own mind can be, in comparison to any physical blockade. It's about time now i pull myself together. Hopefully this blog will prove useful in my own development.

Now then, how does one begin to resolve troubles of such nature? I believe the answer is by asking questions. The right questions. How does one tell if a question is right? If your limited reasoning skills allow you to predict the extend by which the question improves things. Meaning, you can't truly know until you ask. What do i want? What is stopping me from getting to my goal? What can i do to remedy my situation?

I believe applying the alchemical practice of solution, purification and reunion will prove fruitful, if the purification be done properly. Therefore, i will begin with the solution. Delving back into my past, from the earliest memory until now.

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  1. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Let us know how it goes mate. If you find a cure to a stubborn mind then put it in a bottle and send to this way. Good luck friend.
  2. Loki Morningstar's Avatar
    Loki Morningstar -
    "How does on begin to resolve troubles of such nature?"
    I feel I am on a similar journey and can identify with your predicament. I think you answer your own question very well, and based on your more recent blog entry you are going the right way, just keep swimming.