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EM; the working Man

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So the ride through social welfare lane has run its course. It was a sweet ride while it lasted, beautiful views with plenty of tourist attractions. However, now that I've been put forward for a job, that I am obligated to take, I have no choice now but to say goodbye to free money forever, and commit to a life of servitude.

You see, in Australia, the gravy boat has been... well.... running out of gravy. The laws surrounding our sweet as fuck social security have been tightening, so now that I am pit forward for a job, if i quit my job or get fired, i will no longer be entitles to social wellfare for at least 6months after losing the job.

I have been put forward for a job with a large mining company as a drillers offsider. She's about 80k per year, however, they are 12 hour days, its in the remote desert, its hard and dangerous work, and i have to pay 36% in child support. In Australia, we pay the most tax in the world. literally, we are the most heavily taxed society.

Im mourning this heavy lose of lifestyle with some spare ribs and.... you guessed it.... gravy.

Need the Stone. Peace.

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  1. black's Avatar
    black -
    Well-done Mr. Mixer

    That means you will be clearing about $1000 / week.

    You and the family will be loaded.

    New house
    New car
    New lab

    It's just like you have won the lottery.
  2. Seth-Ra's Avatar
    Seth-Ra -
    With the conversion rate, that's about $6K more than me, even after the child support. Pretty sweet gig.
  3. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    This is all assuming that I am actually CAPABLE of performing the job. It is VERY labour intensive and will definitely be the hardest job ive ever performed.

    well see how we go.

    Thanks guys
  4. Awani's Avatar
    Awani -
    If you took tax money due to some illness of some sort, fine... but sounds to me you were one of those people that is the reason why I am against welfare in the first place... why should I pay tax to support people who are to lazy to take care of themselves. Fine, no one wants to be a slave or in servitude... but why should I slave so someone else can get the "easy" road. Fuck that.

    Perhaps this is Karma... welcome to "reality".

    80k a year is pretty good... most people in the world could only dream about such "wealth". If you fuck "that" up you can only blame yourself.

    Now if you work HARD, and SAVE plenty... you can perhaps create something that allows you more free time than this job does. Most "slaves" never do this... instead they drink and gamble and eat away everything because they are depressed of the job they have to do... instead of saving up, being smart and eventually creating "another" job that is more enjoyable.

    If you are a human being you have to have a JOB... if you don't have a job you are a bum. Even back in the Stone Age people had jobs. I don't see a job as being a slave... or being in servitude... depends on the job and the attitude in doing that job.

    Good luck and work hard... and ye shall be blessed... eventually.

    Updated 01-15-2019 at 03:06 PM by Awani
  5. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    I do agree in some sense. In a rrgular world with regular leaders, where the tax is being spent on the people, then your philosophy would hold true. However, when you lige in the most resource rich country in the world, and your own government is selling you out, fucking you all over, and spending your money and rape parties over on prgy osland with the clintons, then there isnt a lot of motivation to work and pay them tax. In fact i get a much greater sense of fullfilment taking away their money so that i take away from the evil machine and transmute that into research funds and the best foods $$ can buy for my kids.

    Alchemy at its.. second or third best...

    However its true what you say, we should all have a vocatuon and develop skills, its just said that in this currency driven economy, that a lot of peoples vocation is ruining the planet, and/or supporting the systems (the evil systems) growth and development.

    Yes it is a high paying job, however its some of the most brutal working conditions in Australia. Ill be trying my very best, of i fail it will be because my body is literally uncapable of performing the work. We're talking a go-go-go workflow in the middle of the desert with the sun beating down on you for twelve hours a day, doing that for two weeks straight without a break, and then going home for 1 week (you live at the job for those two weeks so dont get to see the family)

    So when you calculate the hours its about $28/hour. which is not bad, however ibe had much easier jobs on $35 per hour and even $50 per hour, so, your working hard for the money. its only $80k because of the significsnt hours that you have to put in (84 hours per week).

    And your right, if i work hard and save, then i should be able to make the money i need to develop my land into the hobby farm/ aquaponics set-up that ive always dreamed of.

    If you love what you do, you dont work a day in your life.
  6. Awani's Avatar
    Awani -
    I agree however the taxes you ”steal” is not the shitty governments money... it belongs to other slaves. Slaves stealing from slaves. Oh the irony. LOL.

    I’ve stolen my fair share as well.

  7. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Really I am.against the social welfare programs all together. there are better ways to go about it.

    I feel like the reason these pricks are even paying us cash is literally to keep us off the streets; keep us from seeing how bad the problem is actually becoming. (the finacial problem of them stealing all the money)

    It's "so we dont notice" how depraved the world is becoming. If we dont see it, we dont think about it.

    Australia has typically been known as being the more charitable country in the world, we donate a huge amount of cash to overseas humanity projects. However, we are still caught in the de-sensitization trap, where most people really do not comprehend the severity of the issues in places such as africa and now the middle east.

    And as the rooe syarts to tighten around our necks here in australia (which it is) youll noticed thise charaitable works start to dwindle also)

    our cost of living is becoming huge, while incomes havent been increasing (except for the rich). We pay the most in the world for power, deslite many renuable energy sources and low population, we pay the most tax in the world, most of which is spent killing islamic people for america, the price of 'items' is 20-50% dearer than what they pay in the states (after conversion) we are literally not even allowed to buy things from amazon because amazon offered good deals therefore they banded in in Australia because it would bring the price down on so many items.

    There have been spreading propeganda about who the social welfare will stop over the next 5 - 10 years; giving the usual scarcity tactics.

    Ten years ago we had fuck all debt; now we are 100's of billions on debt and its all to pay for american wars. Total scam. I should be in charge and we'd have a better world tomorrow. And a better economy in Australia. ElixirMixer's dictatorship could save the world.

    Vote None for me; Ill take it by force.
  8. Andro's Avatar
    Andro -
    If you don't like the taxes, stop bitching and MOVE.

    For example: Bulgaria has a flat rate income tax of 10% (no matter how much you earn) and also a flat rate corporate tax of 10%. Dividend tax is flat 5% and the social security base is capped at 1300 EUR per month (no matter how much you earn), so an employee will NEVER pay more than 180 EUR monthly (that's the employee's percentage of 13.78%).

    Or move to Dubai and set up your business in a free trade zone and pay no tax at all. Or go to the BVI

    Or move to the US and work on the "fence" with Mexico, so you don't get paid at all, so NO TAXES

    Also, if you hate taxes, do NOT move to Western Europe, unless you really love living on welfare... It's a shitty life, but quite a few people in Germany are "professional" welfare cases...
  9. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Not a bad idea. I will consider it. The main reason I dont go overseas is because im too scared. The rest of the world seems a little bit more... 'murdery' than Australia.
  10. Andro's Avatar
    Andro -
    Don't be scared. The world is a murderous place... Some kill you with knives, other with taxes... and other just bore you to death... LOL... Anyway, even within specific counties, it depends on the area you live in. Also consider that if you chose an non-English speaking destination, you WILL have to learn the local language. However, in most European cities, you can get by with English for mundane stuff. Other stuff you may need to consider: Your weather preferences, rural or urban preferences, cost of living, ease of immigration, job availability and/or business environment, access to lab gear, Internet coverage, at least decent emergency health care and maybe even seek the advice of an Astrocartographer to find some optimal locations for you, according to your natal chart. Relocation can really do wonders for some people.
  11. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Indeed, the Coober Mission really seems to be drying me out. My wife said just said yesterday "I haven't seen you this balanced in a very long time" and i put down the positive changes to the location. And of course the opposite can also be true, some places can really do you a lot of harm if your not aligned with them properly.

    This conversation has really made me consider New Zealand, as its easy for an Australian Citizen to move and live in, the cost of living is slightly less, education is pretty much free, taxes are slightly less. It would be an easy transition, its apparently a very beautiful country, they speak english, and the actual cost of moving would be a lot less than say, bulgaria lol.
  12. Andro's Avatar
    Andro -
    There is an astrocartographer who is supposed to be amazing. His name is Julian Lee. Look him up. I would not relocate today without checking my relocation chart. NZ sounds like the "easy" choice. Also, unlike Australia, it is prone to earthquakes And you have the same environmental issues as in OZ (hole in the ozone layer, low quality water, etc...). Take some time to think it over and consider other alternatives as well, don't go directly for the low hanging fruit