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The Tears of Sophia

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As soon as I knew of her, I was sure she would change my life forever. I met her one early spring. Her eyes were like crystals from the ocean and her mousy brown hair rested gently at her bottom.

Each morning I awoke to see her shining face, and each night she would await, out in the fields of her Fathers house, for my return down from the goldfields up in the highlands.

She was as humble as ashes, and yet her Father was a rich man; proprietor of the goldfields. He would give her on occasion salt and straw, which she would take to the market and trade for many herbs and meats, in abundance, for she was no stranger to wealth.

We lived a perpetual dance, her and I, our hopes rested in the stars and we would drown ourselves in love by moonlight.

Yet our pure love would enjoy its peace for only a short while. War came to our lands, and with it, a great swarm of disease and pestilences. The countenance of the people grew dark and their hearts bitter.

Forty years the people suffered under this tyranny, until finally a revolution began to stir, and civil-war was unleashed. There were many from the old world that sort to restore their freedom and liberty.

That was when they took me away from her. I was taken by militia rebels, up into the mountains, where I was told that I could either fight to restore our peoples kingdom, or that I would be executed, and my blood poured out.

Oh how I longed for her, out there in the mountains, as if I were dead and she was life eternal. The stars were so clear in those days and the moon would light up the face. There were many nights that tears streamed down my face, the longer I was away from her the more I longed to return. The more I longed for her embrace, the more I loved her.

I watched the moon each night and wondered if she was also. Tear soaked letters became all I possessed and then finally the dawn broke forth. Some of the men had seen a sign in Heaven. Other witnesses came forth and bore truth of the same. The mages had seen it also and the old worlds forces found great faith in these events, as if it were a message from the gods. The men rallied themselves and fought a terrible battle, pushing back the aliens from our lands.

I was barely a resemblance of my old self when I wandered back into those fields. Wondering whether or not she would accept me, I picked up the feather of a peacocks tail to share with her, and I strode on forth to her Fathers house. Before I could reach the door she had ran down and come to meet me. The gate swung open with strength and she threw herself into my arms.

I melted.

Could this feeling be what all poetry had been written on? The stone tablet of my heart was etched in tears and blood forever, and with only one word.


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  1. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Just for those who didnt click; this short story is an alchemical allegory. The Narrator being the first matter and Sophia being the Astral Spirit.