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EM; loves Quitting Jobs

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So I've been volunteering my time managing a furniture store to raise money for the childrens sports centre here in Coober Pedy.

Since im (fingers crossed) going to be starting this new mining job I had to leave which gave me the great opportunity to tell the Big Boss today that I would no longer be making him any money in exchange for sweet F all.

I opened with "congratulations John, you've been promoted to store manager. I'm leaving next week."

He said, "There's the door and pointed me down the hallway HAHA!"

There is always such a sense of relief and accomplishment when you let another great experience go and move on with your life. If not for the negative financial impact that it can sometimes cause, I would recommend to all of you to do it more often. The ability to let go, and move on, is a huge blessing in ones, because with every door that closes behind you, opens up a corridor filled with new experiences and opportunities.

I'm really glad I left today aswell because its given me time to clean up the lab again ready for the Alchemist Challenge Series and maybe a video if we're lucky.


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