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EM; and Dream-Control

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So for the last few weeks ive been working up to getting back into a lucid dreaming state with some set goals in mind of what I wanted to achieve.

The goals were simple, I wanted to drink a glass of dream water. And I wanted to look up and observe the sun.

After a few - couple of weeks or so I found myself typing into my phone looking for free opals on gumtree. But every-time I typed the letters into the search box, they would disappear from the screen. I was dreaming! I remembered my goals, and since i was sitting at a table in the city, i walked around the corner to a cafe and politely asked for a glass of water. They played around a bit, I had to ask a few times and then they gave me a glass that was only a quarter full, but it was a glass of water and i was happy to achieve my small goal. I took my glass of water with me and walked over to a courtyard where i could get a better view of the sky. I looked up and found the sun, shining, and started at it, only to find that it would disappear, right before my eyes, and reappear somewhere else in the sky. This happened a few times, and then I looked down at my glass of water and took a swig. Nothing. I couldn't feel it at all. It was like I was a ghost and the water just went straight through me. I didn't feel any coldness, I didn't feel and wetness or weight. NOTHING.

In conclusion, my small dream experience taught me something very important, let us discuss it. I used to believe (and Im not the only one) that a lucid dreaming state was identical to being in astral projection, however, I now do not believe that to be the case, and I now only see the dream state as a gateway in which one CAN access astral projection. One can, if he/she chooses to, "charge" themselves up with energy within the dream world (kind of like a Dragon Ball Z type thing) then, when ones energy is heightened enough, one can shift up octaves of the dream world, literally teleport from one dream world, to another, going higher and higher in vibration until something mystical happens. You move from a lucid dreaming state INTO an astral projection state, and all of a sudden, the world your in becomes far less illsionary, and more... super-lusionary? Everything seems to become VERY real. The senses all get turned up to 100% and you can feel and have an extremely vivid experience.

I'd like to know your thoughts on the difference between lucid dreaming and astral projections in the comments below; and don't forget to hit the subscribe button

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  1. tAlchemist's Avatar
    tAlchemist -
    Instances have happened where I consciously made the decision to stop playing along with the motion the dream was going, and I questioned individuals around me, and got very odd reactions. At some instances, the very characters that I would talk to would act very surprised that I had asked them something, when moments ago I was lets say.... running from the cops for killing Obama and ending the zombie Apocalypse, I would ask questions to these individuals in my dreams stuff I shouldn't be asking taking into account that what was going around me was ''reality'' at that time, if that makes sense.... so while the sky's falling down and I'm running, doing what any ordinary person does in a dream, you just go with the flow not knowing why, but you're a ''dream character'' I would stop and ask the person running with me ''why are you following me'' I would get a response like ''To get away from what's over there!'' and I would ask ''Why, this is a dream''..... not the exact questions its been a while but wanted to give you a feel of the questions I would ask, and EVERY TIME I DO THIS they would ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS give me this BIG ASS GRIN LOOKING SMILE ON THEIR FACE.... as if I just ''found out'' about something..... Very strange! And then the dream stops, all of the things going on around me STOP BEING A THREAT, and I normally would wake up then and there.

    This site doesn't strike me at all as a spiritual kind of form, where people believe in spirituality, astral projection, etc... things of the like, but from me to you, I'm starting to think that these individuals in our dreams are not made up by the brain. They start acting very strange without any sense of reason if you were to go with the ''brain makes the dream'' belief, there's no resonable explanation as to why these dream characters act so freaking weird in Lucid Dreams, or when you become Lucid, and they start to act very suspicious and creepy and weird... If only I had one of these dreams yesterday I could explain this better.

    Anyway pce
  2. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    I know wxactly what you mean, in fact, im getting some of the most crazy tingles all over my body just thinking about what your saying because I know the very grin your talking about.

    I feel like possibly, they are like paid actors, trying to keep you in a certain kind of daze, but when you figure it out, they get all freeky and weird because, well, they arnt so used to humans talking to them. And I do NOT believe they are human. Rather, elemental-like beings, whether they be (in traditional western magick lingo) larva, phantoms, elementals, elementaries (much more powerful vand aware beings then elementals)

    Those freeky grins; geez they give me the heebie geebies. Not the brain. No way. Talk more about this soon bro, wife wants us to watch Gordon Ramsey lol.