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Good Morning All!

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This is ElixirMixer, reporting live from the hot hot Australian Desert.

Its currently 3:29am, the moon is shining and the neighbours are pumping nightclub music over my fence, and have been doing such, since 10:30pm.

I'm fucking thrilled.

This is a necessary vent blog, to attempt in trying to prevent some serious vigilante justice tonight! I called the police. 11:30pm... then again at 12:30... then again at 2:45.. then again at 2:55.... Then I called them and just went off at 3:00. Then after they hung up on me I called them again and just left the phone next to the fence for them to cop an ear-full of what I've been listening to all night.

Then I called them again at 3:25. You can tell that the local law enforcement is a huge fan of me eve rsince cruely pepper spraying me and me not just bending straight over for them.

I'm pulling out another Subpoena for those fuckers as we speak.

I can see what you mean about the Vlogging. Never a dull moment is there. I tell you what I envy the really boring nerd types right now.

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