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Greg Marcus


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I sat down at my desk recently to get back to work after a pause. I decided I wanted to cover Mynsicht a bit before I started talking about his "seal" and the Porta Alchemica.

I sorted out that his "Golden Age" had an english translation, and the Golden Treatise was probably attributable to him, and also had an english translation. I was also gathering biographical information on him, and noticing that different sources agreed on most of it, but also had different information as well... so I was probably going to do a mini-bio on him trying to get it all into one spot. Problems with the translation of Golden Treatise brought that to a halt for now...

But during this, I noticed that working on my WIP drive wasn't very responsive, and sometimes thumbnails weren't generating at all.. And I figured out I was working on the last 10-15% of my hard drive space. So I identified my oldest 1TB drive and replaced it with a 2TB drive, and started moving everything around to reflect the order I compulsive insist on. I also had to upgrade my external backup.

After that, I decided I wasn't happy with how I had my library categorized in folders, and started moving everything around, and trying to make decisions if "John Dee" was more useful under "Alchemy", or in "Rosicrucian", for example. that's still ongoing.

But I've kept bringing up saved PDFs and trying to copy/paste text from them, only to find out they've never been OCR'd, so there's no way their content is being searched in Window's Indexing (Adobe PDF iFilter). I found that very shocking since the first search I usually do is across my own library, and none of these books have ever been included.

So.. I've been going through folder by folder, every book, making sure it has selectable text, or moving it to a folder to be batch OCR'd.

This has been going on for over a week, instead of any real work. On the upside, I'm finding a lot of interesting material that I had forgotten about, or never even browsed before.

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