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Greg Marcus

Metatron and the R.C. 'House of the Holy Spirit'

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'I finished the whiskey, shut my eyes, opened them again. Facing me was the seventeenth century engraving, a typical Rosicrucian allegory of the period, rich in coded messages addressed to the members of the Fraternity. Obviously it depicted the Temple of the Rosy Cross, a tower surmounted by a dome in accordance with the Renaissance Iconographic model, both Christian and Jewish, of the Temple of Jerusalem, reconstructed on the pattern of the Mosque of Omar.

The landscape around the tower was incongruous, and inhabited incongruously, like one of those rebuses where you see a palace, a frog in the foreground, a mule with its pack, and a king receiving a gift from a page. In the lower left was a gentleman emerging from a well, clinging to a pulley that was attached, through ridiculous winches, to some point inside the tower, the rope passing through a circular window. In the center were a horseman and a wayfarer. On the right, a kneeling pilgrim held a heavy anchor as though it were his staff. Along the right margin, almost opposite the tower, was a precipice from which a character with a sword was failing, and on the other side, foreshortened, stood Mount Ararat, the Ark aground on its summit. In each of the upper corners was a cloud illuminated by a star that cast oblique rays along which two figures floated, a nude man in the coils of a serpent, and a swan. At the top center, a nimbus was surmounted by the word 'Oriens' and bore Hebrew letters from which the hand of God emerged to hold the tower by a string...
Well, I had written a whole thing out about this and got some diagrams ready, but it was 1000 characters over the limit by the end. So I had to put it elsewhere: Metatron and the R.C. 'House of the Holy Spirit'

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Updated 02-17-2019 at 02:34 AM by Greg Marcus

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  1. Kiorionis's Avatar
    Kiorionis -
    “Any cube should be considered Metatron’s cube.”

    Interesting read!
  2. Greg Marcus's Avatar
    Greg Marcus -
    thank you! some of what I posted in the discussion of "The Square and Compass", and in the Secret Figures thread where we got into the Yetzirah is really the "core" of what comes next, in terms of Metatron.

    I have a lot of difficulty writing in my own "voice". It's like a mental block or something.