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Greg Marcus

Some recent work, things I need to work on, and other thoughts.

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I did it again, I wrote a post too long for here. To be honest, I was going to post it in both places anyways. I don't really shill for "my blog". I just needed a place to keep nicely formatted content with "inline" pictures. I like to be more of a 'build it and they will come' type guy. I figure the posts will get indexed by search engines, and people who are specifically searching for it will find it. Reading through the forums has made me concerned about the versions and translations I've used at times, though. The Book of Abraham the Jew comes to mind. Also, as I mentioned elsewhere.. three years ago I tried to impose a moratorium on myself from making new posts to it, as I intended to make a proper site based on wordpress. it still hasn't happened yet. But the posts i make on blogger should be properly formatted to transfer to anywhere... the only possible complication would be image links.

So yesterday I worked on 'Franckenberg's 'Tetrachord' (and other geometry)', which is an explanation of the following from his "Key to the House of David" (which I'll talk about after): "if you know in advance the Tetrachord or Quadriga of Apollo, then you will understand more easily". The core of that post is one of the 'organic' divisions of the circle (Four) based on the geometry of the straight edge and compass. And how it relates to other, better known works of his, e.g. 'Tabula Universalis Theosophica Mystica et Cabalistica'.

Franckenberg's "Key to the House of David" is actually about a year old now but still pretty current. This was a real journey for me. The genesis of this was talks with a Facebook friend in the Netherlands. I'd also be talking about Kabbalah and geometry, and he'd be responding with talks about Rosicrucians and Rosicrucianism. He was a big proponent of the (then) Ritman Library. Eventually he sent me the picture of the key.. It was from some dutch book on alchemy. And for probably 2 years thats all I knew about, but used it over and over to explain some geometric "philosophy". Eventually I went back to the friend and asked him if he knew the source. He gave me Franckenberg's name and explained his relationship to Boehme. So armed with that information, I went looking for the source.. I can remember I found some crappy versions of his Raphael and a few other of his works, and none of them had his key. I eventually gave up. It probably wasn't until the fall of 2017 that I gave it a another, more focused try. I came up with better information this time, and put together a list of different versions of his name and pseudonyms. I had posted the images of his Sphaera Mystica sive Speculum/Trias Mystica without realizing 'A. FRANC. de MONTE. S.' was a reference to him. I finally found the Key, in a 1646 publication of Guilluame Postel's Absconditorum a constitutione mundi clavis, of which Franckenberg served as editor. And he included his own Appendix, featuring "The Key to the House of David". Then I found a french version of the exact same work, so I had a source I could translate. I also found some good information on Franckenberg through a publication of the Ritman Library and a few papers of researcher Carlos Gilly.

The blog is by no means popular. The texts I posted that you'd assume would be searched for are the busiest. But I'm been kind of mystified by how many views Key to the House of David gets. Its funny because I'm a fan of Eliphas Levi from early on.. In most subjects I'd never cite him as a source and expect to be taken seriously, but I like a lot of his quotes, and he was very helpful during a period of time. I guess his writings are one of the very few places AvF's Key is mentioned, but I don't remember it at all, and it had nothing to do with how I found my way there. The Golden Dawn's version of the Wheel of Fortune card is obviously inspired by Levi's work. So I wonder if this is the vector from which the blog views are coming.. Eliphas Levi and the Tarot. The problem with mentioning Eliphas Levi is that it attracts those occultists.

The first new thing I worked on when I sat back at my desk after an extended break was Mynsicht's Aureum Saeculum Redivivum. I didn't have any overriding interest in Mynsicht or anything, but I want to discuss his geometric 'seal'.. The one thats in Secret Figures, on the Porta Alchemica, and shows up other places. He's a Rosicrucian personality and I don't want to have to return to him later, so I decided to give him a more complete treatment.. I found out that Golden Treatise is most commonly attributed to him, so I wanted to post that as well. His Armamentarium Medico-Chimicum is a huge medically focused book that I have found comes in two basic versions. The earlier one seems be the source of the "Testamentum DE Lapide Philosophico " listed as a fourth known work, but it absent from the later version. It also starts with his seal.

Here's a comparison of Mynsicht's Seal and AvF's Key:

This has tie-ins to an exegesis of the Sefer Yetzirah that I've had false starts on for at least.. 15 years. Pieces of it I've posted about in the Forums. Everytime I go to start it, I find a bunch more information related to what I plan on explaining, and decide I'm not ready yet. Last year I did the same thing... I thought I had my ducks all in a row, but then I realized with all the bits of work i had done, I was only dealing with the FIRST GODDAMN CHAPTER. ANd I realized how long it had been since I had gone through the whole Yetzirah. And when I did, I came across a lot more that I hadn't recognized before, and led to a bunch of new research.. that quite frankly, has taken me a while to process. Some of these things I have written I will end up "scrapping" sooner or later for the applicable parts.. the geometry and arithmetic and cosmology. It's probably the only way I'll ever do it, in small pieces that I can later put together.

I have a problem with the Zohar that I will have to fix. I have two english translations, from Bnei Barauch and the Soncino edition. I have pdfs of the BB one, all volumes in one PDF. One with hebrew concordance, and the other only english text. So at some point, I have extracted the text from those, parsed it and fixed the hard line breaks, and have a little "search" app that I programmed that will go through the entire text, finding passages with key words. (who else does this? NOBODY). With that recent post with the Metatron passages.. I've realized it doesn't keep which volume the passages are from.. and there is a differnet numbering for BB "comments" or descriptions for each volume and some passages.. Some of this has been garbled as well. So I think it's about time I go back through this and just throw all the verses in a database with volume information, and track the extra "comments" as such. I do have the BB zohar in seperate volumes as well, and this is the way they will have to be inserted in a DB, volume by volume. But I've already made some tests at extracting the text, and I have no idea what I did before. It's a mess, and I can't see any standardized formatting as a basis of automating it. I certainly didn't go through the zohar manually fixing hard line breaks and delimiting different verses for easy parsing.

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  1. Kibric's Avatar
    Kibric -
    Sounds like your writing a book ?, albeit subconsciously ?
    I mean why not right ?
  2. Greg Marcus's Avatar
    Greg Marcus -
    especially the subconsciously part. It feels like I can tease out a piece here, and a piece there. And then I have to collect these different pieces and figure out exactly what it is I have.