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Greg Marcus

Die Erleuchteten

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Well, this one I remembered ordering.

They lied when they said it was in "Good" condition. It's in excellent condition.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. I don't read German. Ha ha. I just may cut it up and make an excellent scan of it. Scanning it on a flatbed would kill it anyways (its 624 pages). I found this neat mount for my DSLR that would allow me to connect it to a frame and scan it like that, with my remote, just flipping pages. But thats a lot of work for now. If I cut it up I can use my Automatic document feeder too, a stack at a time. It has functions to scan one side, feed it in the other way for the other side, and automatically interweave pages.

I wasn't supposed to receive it until sometime in March. I couldn't find it on Amazon Canada. I had to order it from Amazon.COM for some reason. But it was from "momox Shop". Good service.

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  1. Florius Frammel's Avatar
    Florius Frammel -
    In your case I'd recommend german lessons at community college. This book alone might keep you occupied and motivated for years.
  2. Greg Marcus's Avatar
    Greg Marcus -
    I have thought about auditing university courses that might give me access to ResearchGate and ProQuest. I've done some preliminary investigation on gaining access as an "independent researcher", but I've yet to come up with anything concrete, or any pricing information. (Early English Books Online and HathiTrust are two places I have problems getting what I want without credentials). I don't know if I'll actually do it though. I'm 46.

    I do have a bunch of "learning german" material saved. I've done some work attempting to translate german, and I do start to pick things up pretty fast.. but I lose it as soon as I start to work on something else. To learn anything new, I can't really just go through exercises.. I have to have something practical I'm working towards.. Learning while translating works pretty good for me.

    Out of latin, hebrew, and german, my best bet is probably German.