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Greg Marcus

Happy accidents

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Most of this is some older work. I've resized everything to 600 width, and they do lose a little bit compared to being full screen, but the effect is still there somewhat. Contrary to the title, the first few weren't accidents at all...

This is probably my favorite thing I've done, a reproduction of Bruno's "Atrium Veneris". I like to think of it as a play on "4 dimensional cube", because there are four cubes of different dimensions:

This one is newer, but based on that one. I was thinking about Metatron and the connection to the number "42". That's the product of the two spellings of his name, 6 and 7 letters. But another source suggests laying out the 6 letter name in a matrix, repeating each letter 7 times. I thought of it as the six nodes of the cube/hexagon, and the 7 lower sefirot:

This one is from last year. It's actually a copy of a yantra I found in a book (without the sanskrit letter in each compartment). The original was pretty much like the original of Atrium Veneris. It was faded and grainy, and did not "pop" like this. I have this up on my 2nd monitor and everytime I see it out of the corner of my eye, it moves. So in that sense, the effect was a happy accident.

This one is older. I was just screwing around, decided to flood fill on a pattern, et voila

This one is so old I don't remember how it came to be

This one was a flood fill gone wrong, leaving only the anti-aliasing around the other circles

This was one of my functions gone awry, but I liked the effect. It reminds me of that alien movie. You know, where they communicating with circles.

As I said though, they are much better when full size.


The movie I was thinking of is Arrival.

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Updated 02-22-2019 at 06:12 PM by Greg Marcus

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  1. Schmuldvich's Avatar
    Schmuldvich -
    Really cool work!
  2. Greg Marcus's Avatar
    Greg Marcus -