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ElixirMixer is Jett Plane

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So they all think they know ElixirMixer...

Let us, step it up a notch...

While the Alchemical world knows me as ElxirirMixer (arn't you all Darlings) my local community knows me as Jett Plane, Jett, Geoff, Jeb, Jet, Plane Jain, "the priest", churchy, mormon, "the preacher" ect......

Really, in actuality, my name is an Irish translation of John. *hint hint*

My mother died when I was 10 months old, in Thai land, on new years eve, from a heroin overdose. She went out with a Bang (not)

I then got raised by some Greeks. (picture a snowboarder cruising down-hill)

I then.... (Insert hard life here)

Now... I have this going on: ( three years of Alchemy forum blogs is a shortcut to the current day reality)

And all of a sudden (epic desert experience)

I have about 7 spagyric experiments on the go currently, attempting to heal my 25 year old brother from "hepatosarcoma gamma-delta T-Cell Lymphoma" (rarest cancer in the world, my brother is the only person alive with it.)

I have a medical next week on Thursday for my new job (Drillers Off-sider)

Been filming a new YouTube Channel for my series "Breaking Dad".

I would love to finish off this Blog with a photo of my 7 flasks "digesting" but, im too drunk from (insert alcoholic beverage here)

What I'm trying to say its:

a) I love you.
b) I wish I knew how to love people more effectively.
c) If some "rough aussie fucker" can share with you this type of love........ ....... whats your excuse?

Goodnight. Id ask you to support me on patreon, but I can't be bothered setting up an account, and I'd just spend it on Alchemy and booze anyway. kiss kiss.

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