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Greg Marcus

Geometrix and stuff

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When I started with the circle geometry back in the 90s, at first I just worked in Paintshop (with layers). Literally copying and pasting and placing circle after circle.

My first program was in VB6:

Actually, first.. for some reason I did an astrology program first.. Really just about plotting the planetary positions. The goal was to calculate when certain combinations would occur. I naively thought I'd just find the math to calculate ephemeris tables. When I found out what went into that, I made a different program to automatically scrape that info from an online ephemeris generator.. I think I did 5 minute intervals for like 1000 years.

I'm not sure if i have that upgraded to a current version of Visual Studio or not.

Eventually I re-did Geometrix (that's what I call it) in Visual Basic 2005/2010/2015 and expanded to do a lot more than than the original. Calculating that "overlapping circle grid" takes a lot of time since it's about finding the new intersections with each new row of circles, excluding those (from the inside) that you already have, and finding the points (on the outside) for the next layer. So I pre-calculated it out to like 1000 layers, based on a "unit circle" like radius.. this gets read into memory at the start of the program from a simple textfile, and then uses that information to re-calculate the grid for a given radius. Even this takes some time, so I have a switch at the start up procedure that I set off if I'm not going to need it for what I'm doing at the time.

I have NO artistic skill, and I cannot draw a straight line without a ruler, so this program is the basis for most of my diagrams and a lot of my reproductions. So I never actually "compile" my program.. I'm also just running in design mode, making new procedures to draw something in particular. (usually changing what procedure is called with the "Test" function). I usually export "layers" and feed them into Photoshop. It's easier to add text there, for example, then trying to align it programmatically. I had a hard time trying to get the shading around the round part of Franckenbergs Key of David.. I tried a bunch of arcs and shit and could never get it quite right. I even bought a wacom pen/tablet.. I think I've taken it out of the box twice.. as I said, I can't draw.

So originally i investigated the hell out of this structure and how it grows:

But here's the main program.. Upper right is all that fibonacci pattern work.. lower left is just a circle cut into the factors of 360:

I really like my overlay protractor.

Sometimes I take some scripting code for the Wolfram examples and modify it for my program (from a whole set of maurer rose based images):

I also do little animations with it. I have to plan out the movement in a loop, and export every frame. In Premiere, I set the default "time" for a placed image.. I think it turns out to be 12 or 15 frames per second. And then it's just a matter of exporting the frames in numbered sequence, and placing them all in one shot. I have to plan out the # of frames for how long it should be. There's programs out there I could be doing this in.. easier, even.. but after a learning curve. So I just stick to what I know.

This is just that "factors of 360" wheel animated.:

This one is neat because it shows how a simple idea becomes complex. its just circles intersecting and the nodes connected together, but they keep multiplying as the original circles expand


Straight-Edge and Compass: Bisect Angle

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