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Greg Marcus

Bureus and other random things.

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While I scraped Welling's Opus Mago-Cabbalisticum from Scribd and made my own pdf the other day, it wasn't the main reason I was there or the first title I stole that day.

I had gone back to Franckenberg and his "Key to the House of David" the other day, with my focus on finding out what exactly Eliphas Levi said about it. What I really wanted to know if he had named the title it was from, and I had wasted all that time finding it myself. Searching from THAT angle, Eliphas Levi and Tarot, I came across a lot of information that I did not find before.

There was a main article that I found, which references "John Meador’s unpublished article, 'Guillaume Postel, the Clavis and ROTA', (2003, 69 pages)" and by looking for that, I landed on some older archived Tarot forums. I still haven't found the unpublished paper. One Tarot website points to it in the "Files" section of a now defunct Yahoo Group. What I did find however is Meador discussing it in a message thread in one of these forums. I've captured that all and stuck it in a word document, but I've only gone through the first bit so far. It is funny to read everyone talking about "Postel's Key" at first. I know by the end of the message thread, Meador has figured it out (the source, Franckenberg's connection to it, etc) and shared the first part of what I've posted before.

The message thread is old enough that a lot of the source links being cited by Meador are dead, but I managed to retrieved some of them in the Wayback Machine. Some of what I found are more writings of Susanna Akerman, who I know from "Rose Cross Over the Baltic: The Spread of Rosicrucianism in Northern Europe". One of them was a paper titled "Johannes Bureus' Hyperborean Theosophy". Wayback Machine of course always has broken image links, and one of the missing pictures was the alternate frontispiece to "Ara Foederis Theraphici" that I mentioned in another blog post. I was also searching for another specific paper by Akerman which I didn't find, but I did find this other paper by her, "A medieval forerunner to the crest of J. V Andreae", and another of her books, "Queen Christina of Sweden and her Circle The Transformation of a Seventeenth Century Philosophical Libertine"

I had posted an english translation of "Ara Foederis Theraphici" awhile ago, leaving the authorship undetermined. I have a bunch of sources now that pretty firmly connect Bureus to it, so that's interesting. Searching for the frontispiece from the 1616 edition took awhile. The obvious searches brought up nothing but my blog post. I can't remember how I finally found it - a lot of tweaking the search terms and scrolling through image results. At first, I just saved the image and was done with it. Then I went back to the image source and visited the site, and it was a russian blog. But there were other images. So I saved the russian as pdf, then translated it and saved it again.

What the source turned out to be was a russian translation of "Adulrunan och den Götiska Kabbalan" by Thomas Karlsson. (Adulruna, and the Gothic Cabbala). I was happy with the english translation and had planned on doing some formatting to make it more readable, but I did more searching on the title. (I also remembered seeing something about it in the information John Meador had provided in the message thread, and some talk of it maybe being available in english). So I found it on Scribd as "Nightside of the Runes, Uthark, Adulruna, and the Gothic Cabbala". This book has two parts, "Uthark, Nightside of the Runes", which was previous published in english by itself, and the second part is a proper english translation of "Adulrunan och den Götiska Kabbalan". That was the first thing I scraped from Scribd. I haven't read the part I'm interested in yet, but it has a pretty substantial section on Bureus, it would seem.

I also found another paper by Karlsson, "Kabbalah in Sweden" (one subtitle: Johannes Bureus and the Nordic Kabbalah), and collected a couple of his other books. I dunno though. He seems like a bit of an occult weirdo.

This came up in my searches as well "Alchemy of the Ancient Goths: Johannes Bureus’ Search for the Lost Wisdom of Scandinavia" by Håkansson, Håkan, published by Lund University.

The Bureus paper by Akerman also touches on the 'Adulruna', and also has this to say: "Bureus connects the biblical motive of 'Clangor Buccinae'"

That's the name of an alchemical text I was asking about in the forums! Although that's not what Akerman's paper is referring to, it's weird to see that come up again.


My re-sorting my PDF library and OCRing any books that weren't.. is pretty much done. Now I'm testing alternatives to Windows Indexing/Search. It just doesn't use proper search operators. For example "search for this" doesn't search the phrase, it still just searches for any of the words.You have to type it twice "search for this" "search for this", and supposedly that will work.. but thats only the first of several its shortcomings.

I installed Copernic Desktop Search. I thought I was on full version trial, but it was limited to 25000 files, and it didn't seem to search inside of PDFs.. all results were just based on file name. I didn't realize it installed the "Free version" by default, and i had to register the Trial Licence Key. I had limited it to certain folders only because of the limitations, so my testing wasn't going to be very representative.. Now I have to have it index everything and see what it can do. This will probably be the one to beat if it works properly. I don't like the fact it's moved to this licence-per-year structure.. I'd rather just pay $50 now and own it. I'll probably end up licencing for the year, but I'm gonna be looking for a crack.

I'm also testing the open-source "DocFetcher". It's java-based, cross platform. I think it completed building its index of everything overnight. It's supposed to be able to search inside PDFs as well.. I plan on testing this against the results Copernic brings up, when they both have indexed the same collection. If it's comparable to Copernic, this will probably be my choice.

I also may evaluate DtSearch. It advertizes "Text Retrieval / Full Text Search Engine". I used to work for a company that had a similar product and lots of digitzation projects with the government.('95-'96). The product I worked with had "proximity" search, finding multiple search terms within so many words of each other. I'm not sure if dtSearch does that. At a starting price (for an individual) of $199(US) I hope it does. I'm not sure what dtSearch brings to the table that the other two don't.. and if I'd even need those other features. I know theres a pirate copy from 2014 available though.

I convert everything to PDFs. That's all I need to index. And then I'll probably shut off Windows Indexing.

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  1. Schmuldvich's Avatar
    Schmuldvich -
    LookDisk is what I use and love. It is incredibly efficient.

    I have used Everything as well with great success but do prefer LookDisk.
  2. Greg Marcus's Avatar
    Greg Marcus -
    I'm really disappointed with Copernic. Supposedly, it's indexing is finished again, and it compressed it and everything. But I've been running some tests, and it's finding nothing. Not even file names I'm copying and pasting directly from file explorer. Not even text I'm copying from a text file that it says has been indexed. I've re-configured it so each top level folder is explicitly added to the list, instead of just the root drive. I'm giving it one more try and then I'm done with it.

    I think they've fixed windows search though.. I gave it a phrase in quotes and it seems to have successfully searched it out, and not each word.

    LookDisk is interesting, I'm definitely going to give it a.. look. Everything says it searches file contents, but doesn't build an index.. so it would have to crawl through my 300gb of files each time.

    I'm going to see if I can find any info on the windows search update.. and it looks like I'll be pitting dtsearch and lookdisk against each other head -to-head.