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Gene Lin28

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Cell recently published (Vol. 155, I. 4; Nov. 2013) a study that highlights gene Lin28a as a promoter of tissue repair.

Summary found here:

I recently had a meniscus tear, and other than recipes I have from TCM (which I now take), experts don't know how else to approach it. That time might be shortening when traditional and modern have distinctions?

What do you bloggers think?

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  1. Nibiru's Avatar
    Nibiru -
    Hello, the first thing that came to my mind was Glucosamine. I found this thread where some people discuss what's worked for them and I noticed a couple of mentions of a combination of Glucosamine, Condroitin and MSM. hope this helps
  2. Krisztian's Avatar
    Krisztian -
    I take Eucommia bark, elk velvet powder (among other things) for it, works like a charm!

    I [seem to] generally stay away from anything mainstream. That bark, eucommia, is simply amazing. Even after these many years of experimenting with and primarily living on herbs, I am surprised by their healing properties.