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Greg Marcus

Nostradamus - Method, Result, and Teaching (Part 1)

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I've been mentioning Nostradamus a few times lately, and I realize people may have some preconceived notions about him due to his portrayal in media, and some of the representations of his works. Early on in my "esoteric" journey I found my way to a pretty search Nostradamus research forum (at least there was a sub-group of serious members). So my ideas about Nostradamus is informed by my time there, and not any books you've seen in stores or programs you've seen on TV.

So I just wanted to be clear on the 'angle' from which I approach Nostradamus.. I've never really been concerned about whether he was 'predicting the future'. If he is, or attempting to, that still only forms a very small percentage of the Quatrains published in his Centuries. My main questions surrounding him if he was a member of a secret group, possibly the predecessors of the 17th century Rosicrucians, alluded to in the Manifestoes. And so in this regard, I wonder if (at least not a portion) of his Centuries is just another 'initiate' text, and another part perhaps detailing the plans of this possible group. At the very least, I consider him a Hermeticist and peer of John Dee, Agrippa, Trithemius, and many others. And he may have had Gnostic leanings.

Looking back I guess I had a couple of serious members that were more or less mentoring me, and of of these in particular I will be borrowing heavily from for a lot of this post. I'm just going to refer to him as Gary, as he doesn't seem to be active in this anymore, and I wish to respect his privacy. The following is actually cribbed from a few different versions of the same article:

The Method, Result and the Teaching

Seated at night in secret study
Resting alone on the seat of brass
A tiny flame comes out of solitude
Revealing that which is not thought vain

The rod in hand placed in the midst of branches
Of the rhythm he writes from the edge to foot
One fear & one voice vibrate through to the hands
Divine splendour. The good spirit seated nearby

The divine word submits to the substance
Heaven & earth joined, occult gold in the mystic act
The body, the mind & spirit are all powerful
So much is beneath his feet, as in the heavenly seat

The first two quatrains of the propheties are squarely based on Iamblichus’s De Mysteriis Aegyptiorum, a Syrian philosopher and Hermetic initiate of the 4th century:

"The prophetess at Delphi, however, whether she gives oracles to human beings from a tenuous and fire-like spirit brought up from somewhere through an aperture, or vaticinates sitting in the inner shrine, upon the bronze chair with three feet or upon the four-footed chair sacred to the divinities, gives herself up entirely to the divine spirit and is shined upon by the ray of the fire. In fact, when the fiery mist coming up from the aperture, dense and abundant, encompasses her on every side in a circle, she becomes filled by it with a divine luminance, and when she sits down in the seat of the god she comes into harmony with the unwavering oracular power of the divinity, and from these two preparatory operations she becomes entirely the medium of the god. Then truly is the god present, shining upon her separately, being himself other than the fire, the spirit, their peculiar seats and all the visible apparatus about the place, physical, and sacred.

The woman also who delivers the oracles in verse at Branchidai, whether she is holding the staff which was first presented by a divinity and becomes filled with the divine luminance, or whether she sits upon a wheel and predicts what is to occur, or whether she dips her feet or the border of her robe in the water, or receives the god by inhaling vapor from the water, she becomes by all these ways prepared for the reception, and partakes of him from without."
- Excerpt From Iamblichus
We can of course be quite certain that Nostradamus employed neither of these methods in the literal sense, so needless to say, it would be quite reasonable to assume that Nostradamus was simply showing off to impress his readers. However, considering his Jewish heritage and the likely probability that the Temple at Delphi was constructed, not because of the 'Oracle', but as a school of hermetic thought, further investigation appears to reveal the very foundation upon which his quatrains stand.

The Flame - Spiritual awareness, The change or passage from one state to another; the medium for conveying or receiving messages heavenward.
Seat of Brass - The mind of meditation.
Rod - The Magic Wand The power carried by all divine messengers;
The Cosmic Tree as the world axis Branches - Related to the tree of Life. The three pillars of the Tree of Life, Triad, Trident or Tripod.
Occult Gold - The great work, perfection, wholeness, illumination; it is the essence of ones true self.
Mystic act - The continuity of everlasting life; infinity.
Beneath his Feet - Humility; the lowly.

Nostradamus begins the prophecies, by explaining a little about the method he is using. The method should not be taken in the literal sense, as it is purely a route to be taken by the subconscious mind. The analogy can be found in many of the holy scriptures, but only by those who have discovered the secret wisdom or key. The result is the link between this world and the kingdom of God.

An Enigmatic clue can be found hidden deep within Nostradamus' writings. It comes by the name of "METATRON", the Archangel of the Presence. According to the ancient Jewish tradition, Metatron is the first and last of the Archangels and the King of all Angels, crowning over the hierarchy of nine, who are known as Orifiel, Raziel, Samael, Zachariel, Michael, Raphael, Anael, Gabriel & Sandalphon. Said to have been the prophet Enoch, he became the heavenly scribe who resides in the 7th Heaven transcribing all heavenly and earthly events. He is sometimes shown with a pen in his hand, recording human deeds in the book of life.

Another clue is the divine triad, (or tripod), which is a transmutable force, (divine cycle), which includes the Past, Present and Future; Physical, Mental and Spiritual; Mind, Body and Spirit; Earth, Wind and Fire; the Rising, Noon and Setting Sun; Father, Mother and Son; Zeus, Poseidon and Hades; Good, Evil and Truth; Faith, Hope and Charity; the three phases of the Moon; and many many more, (and not necessarily in the correct order).

All of these are three-in-one and one-in-three, symbolizing unity in diversity; the third uniting the opposites; which is the catalyst.

Each branch of the Tripod symbolizes the Past, Present and Future meeting in the middle.
Nostradamus is best known for his "Les Propheties", a collection of his Quatrains, organized into ten "Centuries", and originally published in three sections. This should account for 1000 of these individual 'prophecies', but for some unknown reason, Century VII only consists of 42 Quatrains. This is true for the original publication, and all subsequent publications as well. This is key to this next part. Gary continues:

The Tripod method as used by Nostradamus

Having only published 942 quatrains and not the 1000 as expected, the Tripod method divides the prophecies into the three branches of Past, Present and Future. Strangely, this leaves us with the value 314 for each branch, which is also the value of Pi, thereby giving more emphasis to the cyclic method of Nostradamus's prophecies, i.e. history repeating itself.

A "Tripod", as the name implies, has "Three" branches/legs which join together in the middle. So, when the Tripod is applied to the 942 quatrains, each branch would carry the numerical value of 314, i.e. 942/3.
  • 314 - quatrains based on classical history and myths.
  • 314 - quatrains based on current events and rituals
  • 314 - quatrains based on the Mirabilis liber and other ancient prophecy sources.
  • 942 - Total quatrains

942 quatrains, of which 314 past,(8), 314 present,(8), 314 future,(8), (Gematria = Metatron = Shaddai = 314), each one a Pillar or Branch dedicated to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, which incidently grows out of the Tripod.
  • 3+1+4 = 8}
  • 3+1+4 = 8} - 888 = The sacred number of Christ
  • 3+1+4 = 8}

The three pillars are thus represented by the numerical value 888, which is a sacred number.

Esoterically, the numerical value of 314 is very significant in the study of Gematria, (a branch of the Jewish Kabbalah), since in Hebrew, the divine names of "Metatron" and "Shaddai" also add up to 314.

The three faces, (heads), of Hermes the divine messenger, is your guiding light to ENOCH's transformation. The number Three is the Foundation on which you must walk, if you are ever going to achieve resurrection in the spirit. Hecate with her three headed dog Cerberus, is the goddess of magic & enchantment. Hence the use of Hecatomb.

The Past is in the Future, and the Future is in the Past, (the present being the catalyst), albeit in a mutated form, (an evolution of fixed events if you like). Change, (wisdom), is the key to this knowledge, it is not an exact science, although you should now be able to make the connection.

See here for Part 2:

Nostradamus - The Tripods (Part 2)

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Updated 04-12-2019 at 04:19 PM by Greg Marcus

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