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Greg Marcus

Nostradamus - The Tripods (Part 2)

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These ideas (outlined in Nostradamus - Method, Result and Teaching (Part 1)) led to a particular line of research on the Quatrains. Another forum user (using the pseudonym Zaphod) suggested groupings of 3 Quatrains, which were coined "Triads" or "Tripods". These groupings were linked by common, but rare, words or terms. In most cases, the linking word/term exists in the Prophecies only in the 3 Quatrains that make up the Tripod.

Here are a couple of examples:

This one is based on "Porphyre":
Century I, Quatrain 43
Auant qu'auienne le changement d'empire,
Il auiendra un cas bien merueilleux,
Le champ mué, le pilier de porphyre,
Mis, translaté sus le rochier noilleux.

Century IX, Quatrain 32
De fin porphyre profond collon trouuee
Dessoubz la laze escriptz capitolin.
Os poil retors Romain force prouuee,
Classe agiter au port de Methelin.

Century X, Quatrain 93
La barque neufue receura les voyages,
Là & aupres transfereront l'empire,
Beaucaire, Arles retiendront les hostages,
Pres deux colomnes trouuees de porphyre.
This one is based on "Chyren Selin"
Century II, Quatrain 79
La barbe crespe & noire par engin,
Subiuguera la gent cruelle & fiere:
Le grand Chyren ostera du longin.
Tous les captifs par Seline banniere.

Century VI, Quatrain 27
Dedans les Isles de cinq fleuues à vn,
Par le croissant du grand Chyren Selin:
Par les bruynes de l'air fureur de l'vn,
Six eschapez cachez fardeaux de lyn.

Century VIII, Quatrain 54
Soubz la colleur du traicte mariage,
Fait magnamine par grand Chyren selin.
Quintin, Arras recouures au voyage
D'espaignolz fait second banc macelin.

My contribution to this research was noticing another "link" between these groupings. This other link has been somewhat hidden by an "occult blind" in the numbering/labelling of the individual quatrains. Let's take Century VII, Quatrain 33, for example. It may have been labelled Century VII, Quatrain XXXIII, or Century 7, Quatrain XXXIII, or maybe even Century VII, Quatrain.. but you'd never have seen it as purely hindu-abjad numerals: Century 7, Quatrain 33. In more modern notation.. C7, Q33, 7:33, etc, my link becomes even clearer:

For Porphyre, we had

For any tripod, at least 2 of the Quatrains will be linked by the numbers.. in the above example, the last two have "9" and "3". For Chyren Selin: 2:79, 6:27, 8:54, the link is the first two, and the "2" and "7". An valid argument can be made that the 6 in one is the an upside down 9 in the other, or vice versa. In some examples, one operation of simple arithmetic (e.g. 9-7 to equal 2, or 7+2 to equal 9) is required to link them, but in the vast majority it is not.

It is my suspicion that the 3rd quatrain that doesn't follow the numbering would be used to link it to other Tripods and thus aid in the "sequencing" of the quatrains. There may be other numeric factors relating them that I haven't explored.. reducing the numbers to their digital root, and other tricks like that.

Some of the other things I may discuss about Nostradamus will incorporate number games as well.. Before getting into those, I just wanted to prove that such things are in Nostradamus' bag of tricks.

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