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Astral Projection

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First blog here, and I don't even know what a blog is so I'm just gonna rant and invite others to chime in.

My last out of body experience... (Yes JDP, it is very real, try to will yourself to float up when you get sleep paralysis) was where I projected in my room, and I felt someone... It's a sixth sense because I don't experience this in my waking life... I felt someone across the room looking at me... and someone I couldn't see but could sense, stormed right towards me and I felt, the shape of their body... I felt the person to be bald and to be a man, who was thin frame. He was invisible to my eyes. He grabbed me by my collar and threw me to the floor with his hands still on my shirt collar. The guy felt like the weight of a feather, I mean I grabbed his two wrists which I couldn't see but 'knew' where they were, and flipped and tossed him to the floor and off of me. Afterwards, he lunged at me again, and pinned me to my wall. It was at this point I didn't know what was going on and so I called out to God but nothing happened, called out for help to my Higher Self, nothing happened, so I focused my intention on just waking up back to my physical body... took a few moments but then I found myself on my bed again.

The sensations experienced in the astral realm are no different for me in the phyiscal realm. I can feel my cold feet touch the floor, I can feel pain and have felt immense pain when I was partially projected with my body half way out, my physical body was pulling my astral self back in but I was refusing, and my arms were dangling in and through the floor below me (I was laying down) and upon this refusal, I could feel my hands getting stuck inside the floor and the inside of the floor felt like it was absolutely crushing my hands even though they were my astral hands. It hurt a lot, and so I finally gave in. Following that day, I encountered sleep paralysis, and someone grabbed me by my leg, someone who had a face that looks like your steroptypical witch, dressed in a black robe and dragged me across the floor and out of my body. I tried to kick his face, and then found myself in my grandma's house with him in front of me. He transformed into a beast and was trying to rip me to shreds. I grabbed the kitchen knife and tried to stab him in the face but it felt like I was trying to stab steel and so I ended up running away, and eventually found myself waking up.

One time I become lucid in my dream and intended on projecting through my dream and found myself in my childhood home. I became less lucid, and decided to keep trying to project and it kept working but everytime I would exit out of my 'dream body' or 'astral body', I'd find myself in my room again but it always looking more and more and more different then it originally had before until finally I found myself floating in an absolutely white place... Like there was nothing around me except a white background and I was flying forward and some areas of this place, I saw what looked like images that I interpreted as portals where I assume if I flew into it, I'd appear somewhere else.

One time before I fell asleep, and didn't encounter sleep paralysis, I found myself in my grandma's house completely there and no longer in my room. My awareness left my room entirely before I fell asleep (I could still feel my eyelids)... I woke up on the couch I use to sleep in at my grandma's house, and one of my relatives approached me. In this place I found myself in I was wearing the same boxers I was wearing when I went to sleep. I went to sleep in my shorts and boxers underneath, and I didn't even know what colour boxers I was wearing until I lifted my eyelids to check. During whatever place I found myself in was happening, I could also feel just as I do in the physical, and I could feel my feet walk across the cold floor, everything was first person, I had no awareness of my bedroom I was in prior, only thing I could feel was my eyelids and I knew I wasn't asleep.

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