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geometrical diagrams.

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During some recent researches I've happened upon a few german words that have led to more information about the things I like to talk about.

"Kreisschemata"/"Kreisfiguren", and Lehrtafel

The first refers to the circular-type diagrams that have been discussed and compared a lot recently. This came up in the catalog record of a manuscript I was dealing with, "alchemischce Kreisschemata". For some reason while trying to define that word, googling alchemy kreisschemata brought me to this PHD paper:

GEOMETRIA ET ARS MEMORATIVA Studien zur Bedeutung von Kreis und Quadrat als Bestandteile mittelalterlicher Mnemonik und ihrer Wirkungsgeschichte an ausgewählten Beispielen Von der Philosophischen Fakultät der Rheinisch-Westfälischen Technischen Hochschule Aachen zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades eines Doktors der Philosophie genehmigte Dissertation

which roughly translates to "Studies on the meaning of circles and squares as components of medieval mnemonics and their history of action using selected examples.". And that's very weird considering how it fits into certain message threads here.

"Lehrtafel" roughly translates to "learning picture". this came up in terms of the "Kabbalistische Lehrtafel" of of Princess Antonia of Württember. I actually had a picture of it saved, and was one of my examples of "Creation" being "hung" or "suspended" from the throne/fixed point of the universe. I didn't know what it was, where it was from, or that it had anything to do with any type of Kabbalah. This is not too profound, as it's just the german term for the concept of the "Learned image". I know the Warburg Institute has funded a lot of academic research on this topic. It's related to tarot, masonic tressleboards, and other other things. I actually have a bunch of material from Thomas Murner that I've never done anything with.

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