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MBK 2° Ms. chem. 21 Lux lucens in tenebris, Splendor solis, Angelus lucis (1584)

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A couple of things.. I resize images before posting.. I'm not extremely consistent, I use anywhere from 500-600px width. I don't have the patience to resize one copy for display, upload both that and the original, and hotlink the display to the original. There is no click bait or ulterior motives here, I have no idea of how many people "View", there are no "likes" or other fake internet points, there's no ranking that's increased by getting lots of people to go look at them.

Many of these manuscripts have been scanned at very high quality, and there's often lots of detail that does not display here, or in facebook posts, or whatever. Imgur keeps a certain degree of resolution and has limited zoom, but it's not as good as the Google viewer. In the world of digitized manuscripts, this issue is usually handled by a specialized in-browser viewer app.. Lots of them are based on OpenLayers, usually used in mapping apps.

In my opinion (and as it turns out, its a common opinion), this is one of the nicest manuscripts ever. I used to think the Green Lion from "Griemler's Rosary" (I guess I should post that) was the best, but this one is even nicer. The first image of Sun man blows my mind. The flasks are tiny parts of the page, in full page view, I hadn't even noticed the detail until doing a tight crop at them and seeing them at 100% of the scan dimensions.

The ms. contains Lux lucens in tenebris, Splendor Solis, and Angelus lucis. There are many more images at the link.

This is what I came up with when posting this elsewhere:

MBK 2° Ms. chem. 21 Lux lucens in tenebris, Splendor solis, Angelus lucis (1584)

One of the nicest manuscripts ever. I've cropped out a few images so the detail can be seen. The following description applies to the full set of images in the album (Images link): The first set of images (up to the alchemical furnaces) are from 'Lux Lucens in tenebris', the illustrations are described as "sun man with symbols for all stages of the transmutation; green lion with sol; different stages of transmutation in part. hermetically sealed glass flask". The ovens are described as "Alchemistische Öfen, deutsch, mit bildlicher Darstellung: 58r, 59' Reverbeneröfen, 60' Windofen, 60' Doppelkasten Fomax philosophorum." The full-page images after the ovens are from Splendor Solis. The last set of images are from Angelus Lucis, and are described as "10 smaller miniatures: 'cover candle with flame, color layering corresponding to the spheres; fumus laboratorius; Lucernae; 'Organa ad sigillationem; 'Sigillatio (smithy); glass bulb; Sun symbol with spheres.

"This precious manuscript was made on the orders of the emperor and great alchemist Rudolf II (reg. 1576-1612). This manuscript is by far the most valuable of all Kassel Alchemica, which can still be seen despite the war-related destruction and an unsuccessful restoration (1961)."

Source: https://orka.bibliothek.uni-kassel.d...95522935687/1/

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  1. Florius Frammel's Avatar
    Florius Frammel -
    Wow. This is a very beautiful version. The accompanied texts seem to be different from and more practical than the usual text of the Splendor Solis.

    For 16th century german it's incredibly good readable. Unfortunately there are some pages in the middle where it looks like that there were two pages glued together which makes those parts unreadable.

    The latin text is interesting too. Anyone interested in a transcription/translation collaboration? I'd do the readable german parts.
  2. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    Thanks for the feedback. It mentions "war damage", and a "failed restoration" in 1961. I assume the glued pages is a result of the latter. There is also very bad bleed as well, I'm not sure how that's explained by either of those. Without careful inspection it's hard to tell if you're looking at the "postive" image, or the "negative image" bleeding from the other side. Some of them (flask images mainly), it seems that there are seperate flasks on either side, that coincide and bleed into each other, ruining both
  3. Florius Frammel's Avatar
    Florius Frammel -
    Yes, I agree with your opinion on the damages.
    The same issue counts for the text. The words of two pages got blended into each other what makes both unreadable. I especially like the image with the Hydra in the flask. It was the second labor of Hercules after he first killed the lion with his bare hands (without the secret solvent). His problem in this task was, that once he cut off a head, another one grew immediately. A crab came to help the Hydra and Hercules trampled on it with his foot, cracking and killing it.

    Many see in these first two labours the most important steps of the very beginning of the great work, still in the realm of ordinary chemistry/spagyrics. So this author, like some others, seems to also point to the necessity of having a closed vessel in this second step, which already looks as if it's already a cooking of the lion's skin one needs to get hold of in the first labour.
  4. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
  5. Florius Frammel's Avatar
    Florius Frammel -
    I'm afraid I don't understand your question. Do you maybe want to say you prefer the name Herakles?

    Anyway, it's this guy:

  6. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    Yes. The lion skin, the labours.. these are references to Hecules right?
  7. vigilance's Avatar
    vigilance -
    Sorry I had missed that first paragraph. I have a new puppy that thinks he's a shark right now. I don't have a good grasp of classical mythology.. I pick up bits and pieces on a "need to know basis".

    The only reason I could identify him by lion skin and labours is.. astronomy/constellations.