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The digital savage

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I imagine a primary forest where a small house stands. Life here starts with the rise of the sun. Wood needs to be chopped. Fish needs to be caught. A fire needs to be lit. The sun sets, the stars come out. All around the sound of nature is the soundtrack of existence. Rain, crickets, birds and wind... leaves rattle.

I turn on my flatscreen... no wires, HD quality... it's hooked up to the Net. I converse, download and upload. I listen to music that is pouring out of my speakers hidden inside my wooden walls.

At night I sit outside... I fool around with some musical instruments... my pets are playing around me. The world is at my fingertips at a moments click, but I am far away from them living the life of a 'savage' in the digital age.

I yearn to merge what I have experienced in the tribal societies of this planet with the good things from the digital societies. Some might see them as clashing, I see them as merging.

It's a possibility for anyone that wants it, and I do!

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  1. Dr.Zoidberg's Avatar
    Dr.Zoidberg -
    Sounds Heavenly
  2. Krisztian's Avatar
    Krisztian -
    That description is like my backyard. . . . Just today I smelled a wood fireplace for the first time of this year. Winter is approaching here in Canada.
  3. Awani's Avatar
    Awani -
    Yeah I am living like that now, almost... it's not complete... I am not out in the wilderness, but hey you can't have it all.

  4. Krisztian's Avatar
    Krisztian -
    It's good to have it both ways! I miss civilization, aspects of it, European culture, etc. . . . Love my surroundings however in the country.

    Looks like you have a lovely place in Amsterdam.
  5. Awani's Avatar
    Awani -
    I also live in a house in the woods... as a Gemini I need to have two homes. LOL!

  6. Krisztian's Avatar
    Krisztian -
    Well, that's the way to go.

    We have one of those Eco-homes (energy efficient) that's built very well, brings much pleasure. If things go as planned, we may live in England for some years.

    I'm happy for you. While we're here, one can enjoy life as it is meant to be.
  7. Awani's Avatar
    Awani -
    Thanks... Eco-home, nice... I'm saving up for solar panels. Got my own well, just need my own juice!