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solomon levi

what will you do?

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What will you do friends? What will you do when you reach that point where you see/understand/realize something so shockingly amazing in context that you can never sleep/be unconscious of it again, and you are literally a different "person"? Will you manage it with grace? Or flip out? Will you be able to pretend, for sleeping others, that nothing has changed? Or will you be a virus? Will you emphasize love or vanity in the face of purposelessness? I wonder what you will choose when you see what i have seen, regardless of if it is right or wrong, true or false, to see it... Is it even a choice? Do you know there are a billion micro-choices that make up what you call a choice, and they, the choices, happen "unconsciously" or "subconsciously" until they become a size/frequency which is similar enough to your own vibration to be finally recognized/conscious? And there are also macro-choices, superconscious/enlightened choices that which we are only aware of a small fraction of, which we call/define as choice.
You see, it is like this very narrow band of visible light of which we can see, and on either "side" lies infrared and ultraviolet, and beyond...
What if in the future we have created a computer capable of running the entire world, and it will do so exactly as we have programmed it to... and of course we could only see so far into the future to predict and prepare for what "problems" might arise with giving a machine so much authority... and so our future has come back via "time travel" to warn us that we are programming the computer in a "bad" way?
It doesn't matter if this is true or not. What matters is why do we live differently if this is true or not? Oh my God. Can I find a voice for your ear?

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  1. solomon levi's Avatar
    solomon levi -
    In response to a meme reading "How you vibrate is what the Universe echoes back to you in every moment."

    Yes, but there are billions of echoes/frequencies of time-space that we can tune in to by re-membering moments other than this present one. In other words, if the Universe reflected PRECISELY what we are, there would be no change or growth perceived by us... so we invented time. The electromagnetic spectrum is the body of time. We exist as the whole but define ourselves/identify with a narrow concentrated lens/"center". When Infinity becomes self-aware, it's non-existent edges turn in to the non-existent center and create a non-existing, yet existing, torus/dimension. When that dimension becomes aware of itself/enlightened/self-realization/awakened/buddha-christ, that creates another torus on a perpendicular plane... and torus within torus ad infinitum. We will define what we can define, but there will always be the infinite undefined and the infinitely undefinable.
  2. solomon levi's Avatar
    solomon levi -
    Which is Utopia?
    A world where you never have to ask for respect, compensation, reciprocity, etc, because the people are intelligent enough to provide it without being asked...
    or a world where there is the option to be disrespected, uncompensated, etc, and you can ask for it if they don't give it and you may get it and you may not...

    ??? Which is Utopia?
  3. Kiorionis's Avatar
    Kiorionis -
    I recall hearing that individual choice before Earthly manifestation can be so direct as to wish to experience a life separated from God/Creator, or 'Free Will' completely free. Of course all the same laws apply, but with this disconnection one could truly feel an individual from beginning to end.

    I think it would set you back a bit in the disharmony it necessarily creates. "But to each their own."

    Following this line of thought, I flipped out once. A very good friend of mine is atheist and wants to be a psychiatrist. He firmly holds to the 'facts' that physiology produces consciousness, and that synthesized chemicals hold the keys to health. But there's no Life in those things. I straight up told him he was wrong, that Life manifests the body, and every other alchemical line of thinking I could throw at him--hoping he'd have some sort of revelation....

    But he just smiled and sat there, as if I had agreed with his point of view and the conversation was over. Incredibly strange...
  4. Ilos's Avatar
    Ilos -
    It is that thing that divides us as two up for one. The difference is to be a part of it and choose on, first we see than we learn, than we... We can never know the difference of the one unless there are two. Life moves in spiral vision, the balance leads us, wile we judge the road.