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Astrological Geometry as World Stage Ritual

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So this was an interesting discussion.

6 years ago
The universe starts as a one dimensional mathematical point. Then the 2D dimensional plane. And then the 3D Euclidian space. Then add Time.

There is an emanation, current, from the Timeless, formless, changeless Aur, the Ein Sof, that permeates all "levels" of creation, from the inner world to the outer world, and returns.

Where these waves interfere is the material universe. The phenomenal universe bubbles up from the inner, in liek a nodal interference pattern, stitched together by the unseen dimensions (string theory i think now has "6" curled up at each "point" in space.).

if you want to see complex multi dimensional reflection patterns, check out the work of H.S.M. Coxeter. Or you know.. Johnny Kepler.

You were talking about astrology and geometry. The first "circle" man comprehended and analysed was the circle of the horizon, the "dome" or "vault" of the heavens. From the beginning the mystics where the geometers, and they were also the scientists, collecting data and telling the Time. And their science was cloaked in arcane terms that were meant to be mysterious and misunderstood by the uninitiated. I don't think we disagree about any of that.

They've been talking about the music of the spheres at least since Pythagorus/Plato, and the "physicists" (Natural philosophers) held, until sometime after Kepler, that the universe was created through geometry, harmony and sound.

The Memory Theatre is more than what you will find easily. Memory should be read as "Mind", psyche, consciousness. The works of Robert Fludd (Robertus de Fluctibus) are the bible of the "memory theatre" part of the "Art of Memory".

If you're really interested I could upload some images that you would find interesting to imgur or something. This format doesn't make it real easy to attach images.


The first is "The Memory Theatre from Mnemonica by J. Willis [1618]", and the next 3 are Fludd. Then there's a sketch of the "Globe Theatre" based on Fludd, and the floor plan of the same. Then there's some "masonic" diagrams based on "The Art of Memory", and some photos of FM lodges. Where they perform "initiatory mystery plays". Lastly, some other interesting images from the period.

I'm sure you can draw your own parallels to systems of practical magic and altars, sigils, and other props. Sometimes when you draw a circle, the circle itself is completely unimportant, but is just to make a brain think about circular motions.

But, Fludd, Bruno, et al pre-date any public form of Freemasonry by hundreds of years, and Eliphas Levi is pretty much the father of european practical magic, regardless of how much as he derided it while reporting on it.

I betcha you thought I might be just using the OP as a jumping off point to talk about something totally different...

But the art of memory is really the art of the mind, developing "higher consciousness" or whatever terminology you are most comfortable with. The external manifestation of the "micro" individual psyche is the "macro" culture. Everything we do is imprinted by our subsconscious.

The "above" is not often "literally" above. Kepler and them were obviously "literally" wrong when it came to celestial mechanics and cosmology. But the jury is still out regarding the inner workings of creation. And that "external" projection of the "inner" above to the celestial above is common.

And as the celestial "above" is in its distorted (from our perspective), multidimensional way is a lower reflection of the higher/inner workings of creation, so is our "psyche" or consciousness.

So I think something like people staring at rectangle screens could either be "rotated one way for good or the other way for evil".

It could certainly be used to create a macro expression.
6 years ago
Yeah I think I know what you were getting at, and some of what Im bringing up is not DIRECTLy related to that, but its definitely running parallel. One of my "between the lines" points I'm hinting that is, our current paradigm is actually an effect of a "large scale" ritual, imo. But one that's set up to work against man.

The connection to the source is the connection to the "Divine Will/Thought", which Creation (phenomena) is a manifestation of. I make this point all the time with the 5-pointers - The legs are not the foundation on Earth (Malkut), it is Yesod, which is the Nexus, Pillar, Foundation.. and PHALLUS. (it in the catalyst or impetus for the "marriage"). In its "lower" aspect, its "earthly" desire, not just sexual, but hunger, addiction, etc. It is overcoming the "lower animal" that allows one to experience the higher aspect of Yesod - "The vision of the machinery of the universe". This is a good percentage of the text in Ezekiel and Revelations.. And the "total perspective vortex" in HGTTG, if you like Douglas Adams.

There are different aspects to this, the masculine "Initiator".. Thoth/Hermes/Metatron/Christ.. the "supreme" thought.. Ein Sof/Keter/Atik Anpin.. and the feminine aspect - Venus/Isis (the name meaning "Throne")(And the 5 petal "Rose" the venus cycle describes) - Mary (the great SEA/OCEAN), Shekinah - A.K.A. "The Divine Presence", and if you wanna get all greek, they "worshipped" wisdom in the form of the goddess "Sophia". philo-sophia - the love of wisdom.

But this "divine thought/will" is synonymous with the concepts of "torah/Logos/the word", Platonic Ideas/Forms/Aeons, etc.

In Kabbalah, "Adam Kadmon" describes this micro/macro. The our individual higher mind being a "fractal" of the Divine Mind. Souls from the Root. I actually have a little verse about this:

Kabbalah doesn't talk about "memory", or "mind", it uses the word "soul" - The portion of us, the real "us", that's not the body. Here's a quick copy and paste of the basics:

"The soul has five levels, their names are: Nefesh, Rua'h, Neshama, ‘Haya and Ye’hida. The soul is the spiritual entity inside the body, the latter being only its outer garment. Each soul has a precise root and a possibility of acquiring the highest level of this root. All come first with a lower level, and will, if they merit, attain the next higher level.

The first and lower level. It is acquired at birth and before the succeeding levels. It corresponds to the level of the physical world of ‘Asiah and of the feminine configuration Nukva.

The second level and is acquired before the succeeding levels. It corresponds to the level of the world of angels - Yetsirah and configuration Zeir Anpin.

The third level and can be acquired only after acquiring the level of Nefesh and Rua’h. It corresponds to the level of the world of souls - Beriah and configuration Imah.

The fourth level and can only be acquired after the preceding levels. It corresponds to the level of the world of emanation - Atsilut and configuration Abah.

The fifth and highest level; it is very rarely attained and can only be acquired after the Tikun (rectification) of all the preceding levels. It corresponds to the level of the world of emanation - Atsilut and configuration Arikh Anpin.

I'll leave that stuff for now. I used to be.. somewhat familiar? aware? of Goro Adachi back in the late 90s when he was an active participant in the alt.prophecies.nostradamus Usenet newsgroup.

Books? PDFs you ask? I'm a veritiable "Vatican Library". I'll have to figure out how to message you privately, lest my links quickly die.

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