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Eshai's Journal

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My desire is to make this forum my new Internet home. For several years, I have called home a number of other forums where I have met many interesting people, some I continue to call my friends. However, my desire to continue participating on those other forums is drawing to an end. I wish to do something more productive, and I hope to accomplish that here. I do not know any of you yet, but I hope through our further conversations I will be able to make some friends who can provide valuable and productive feedback on what I will outline.

My interest in bantering the psychological, political, and philosophical aspects of the Self are now supersaturated with apathy. Concerning these, my personal conclusion is that everything is relative and arbitrary to the individual, and I have nothing more to say about that. My wish now is to focus on that which is practical.

This blog will serve as my journal for alchemical procedures I undertake. It will be one consecutive log, because the times when I perform multiple procedures simultaneously will be a rarity, and if so they will be labeled in a manner that is easily discernible.

All writings here will be inevitably transcribed from my hand-written logs, some possibly scanned in and attached as images or in PDF format, and so there may be gaps in time when I do not post, followed suddenly by a large amount of information. Nevertheless, I will do my best to provide "real time" updates for the congregation, particularly during those processes which require many hours of waiting in observation.

Most of the tasks I plan on carrying out, which will be detailed here, will likely be uninteresting to the Initiated. I will begin with tasks of the lesser circulation, extractions and distillations from the herbal kingdom which I have determined to be useful products for my own personal use, and I will go from there.

Again, for those of you involved, I thank you for allowing me into your home, and I hope to be able to give you all something meaningful with my time here.

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  1. theFool's Avatar
    theFool -
    Welcome here Eshai. I felt similarly when I came here too, to "make this forum my Internet home"; I haven't regreted it at all... May you find what you seek.
  2. Andro's Avatar
    Andro -
    Same here. I also consider this place my 'virtual home' and I have made some great friendships here (including personal meetings in the 'real world'), not to mention how much I have learned during my time here. Looking forward to what you have to share!
  3. Eshai's Avatar
    Eshai -
    =) Thank you both.