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The Works of Creation.

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This is how it started, three weeks ago. And then I deleted everything.

Okay so. they used to say that spacetime was arranged like a 4 dimensional cube, with 'matter" concentrated along the vertices.
Now, it's a non-euclidean honeycomb
The hexagon honeycomb is the same as the cube.
stacked cubes.
But there's really no straight lines, its all the circles and interference patterns. So it's circles. But it's 3D, so actually, it's spheres. bubbles.
Space is expanding, at what.. 72km/s per.. this is really really wrong, but lets say per 100 parsecs.
So two points 200 parsecs away is growing at 144 km/s
it expands much faster in empty space, the voids.. and hardly noticeable where theres mass.
the expansion I just talked about, its geometric. Like expanding the radius of the "unit" circle.
The voids are bubbles.
matter is pushed together by the "tide" of their expansion.

Thank you very much. Where's my nobel.

spacetime on the quantum scale, foam. On the macro scale, foam
my work, obvious, leads nowhere.


vigilance - 3 Weeks Ago 06:01 PM
keep it simple, stupid.

To get back to the source, you simplify, not complicate.

I do not know any mathematics in 64 dimensions.

vigilance - 3 Weeks Ago 06:20 PM
so it's not a single cube, its a tessellation. filling of space, with cubes.

vigilance - 3 Weeks Ago 06:41 PM
Gravity is the key then it slows expansion which allows for accretion of matter. So chicken or the egg. Gravity begets matter.
There's no mass without the field/higgs boson. Higgs boson proved the field.

no mass, no gravity.

gravity is connected to an interaction with the field.

and gravity is not slowing the expansion. the universe is running away. The speed of expansion is increasing.

I think it's decompressing, like a spring. Remember the questions about tension and forces and struts?

So it was fully wound up at the big bang and has been expanding ever since. Interesting.
no big bang.

its a source.

mathematical "source"

a fountain.

It comes out hot, cools down as it moves away.. (distance is time). Far enough back, there's an event horizon eh.. we can't see the hot stuff coming out of the source.

It moves away from the source, cools down, eventually is small enough to be sucked into the field.

and is the material coming out of the source.

cools down and falls apart. Shiva the destroyer, at the "end of time".

vigilance - 3 Weeks Ago 06:43 PM
planck is the radius of the "unit circle".

vigilance - 3 Weeks Ago 06:44 PM
strings? No.. Loops. Monopole.

vigilance - 3 Weeks Ago 06:46 PM
the field leads to mass because it has a little "suck" at each point in the field. combined matter is too big to be sucked in.

vigilance - 3 Weeks Ago 06:46 PM
spacetime is geometric. Ask Einstein

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