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Good and Evil - A State of Mind?

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First, let's start at the beginning...

Brain Wave States:
  • Beta: 14-25hz : "normal" wakeful consciousness relating to the physical world. Typified by scattered thought patterns, distraction, rational analyticl thoughts, filters, and paradigms.
  • Alpha: 8-14hz : A focused state of heightened awareness with synchronized thought patterns between hemispheres. A state relating to the physical world and inner consciousness, a world in which there is no time or space.
  • Theta: 4-8 hz : A state of awareness associated with drems and the subconscious. A feeling of connetivity to the collective subconscious/all-that-is.

These "brainwaves" create a dynamic electromagnetic field, focused on the temporal lobe. You don't really need to know this, however.

So what is "evil"? Who and what is the Devil? What is "good"? What is God? Ever notice how close evil/devil and good/god are? The ying and yang, the god and devil, dark and light, good and evil exist in everyone. We are both divine and animal. Our soul and consciousness is divine, and the flesh animal.

The real Trinity is the intergration of mind, body and soul. The attainment of this state is known as "christ-consciousness", "god-body", "shamanism", the list goes on forever. Some symbols of this are the ying/yang, star of david (symbol of perfected man, the fire and water triangles), Thoth's symbol and others like it with the sun and moon, the Sun being the divine, and the moon being the subconscious. This is also the story of the Holy Grail (and the man who comes is a symbol for the world of this concept. Is supposed to be a paragon..).. it is the Philosopher's Stone of alchemists. The tree of life in general is a map of consciousness. The animalistic/devilish/sinful/noisy mind is the Beta thought patterns. It is hard to live in Babylon and not be infected by it. Most people get stuck here as soon as their ego develops during later childhood and never leave. I think that the whole Man vs. [take your pick] mentality has it's basis here.

Prayer is a corruption of meditation. But instead of the annihilation of "you", your ego, and the cessation of Beta patterns, people focus their thoughts on their worries and needs, and thus will never hear the voice that doesn't give a damn about their house, car, job, financial situation, etc. The "original sin" we are born with is this nature. But along with this, we are born with original virtue, or a spark of unfallen consciousness; our connection to the "Father", "Source","One", since that is where the root is.

What is "mind"? Mind is independant of space, matter, and time. If anything, it is energy patterns. The whole of creation is energy. We deal with atoms and matter, but that is just our perception of reality. We are ants trying to figure out an elephant. On the most basic level, matter is energy. Think of it as a 3D graph (like a bar graph being indicative of "values"). This atom represents this amount and pattern of energy, etc. We deal scientifically with particle and wave motions and interactions.

This is just mythology or allegory for the interaction/flow of energy. There will be only so much that we can explain with it. If you take your thumb and finger, and leave a thin slit, and look thru it, you will notice black interference lines from the waves of light. I think we will find that our known physical "laws" will be caused by something akin to this. The nature and origin of these forces and limitations will be related to the interaction of pure energy. We like to think of the material world as the true reality. It is actually a crude mask over what is really happening.

There is One energy in the entire universe. Nothing exists that is not of it. Nothing that is not part of it. Nothing within it is ever created or destroyed. It is only converted to a different form, or pattern. This is your God, All-that-is, IAM, etc. Look into complex systems/self organization to see the will of God manifesting. So what are the alternatives to living in the animal/devilish/noisy mind? Alpha and Theta are the thought patterns associated with the connection to the different levels of the "Divine".

"Below and beyond the conscious self lie vast ranges of subconscious activity, some worse than the ego and some better, some stupider and some, in certain respects, far more intelligent. At its fringes this subconscious self overlaps and merges with not-slef, with the physic medium in which all selves bathe and through which they can directly communicate with one antoehr and with cosmic mind. And somewhere on the subconscious levels individual minds make contact energy and make contact not only merely in their own body, but also outside their own body."

"By mortifying his self-regarding impulses, by setting up a witness to his thoughts and a little sentinel to keep an eye on the movements of his heart; a man can sharpen his perceptions to the point where he becomes aware of the messages coming up from the obscure depths of the mind - messages in the form of initiative knowledge, of direct commands, of symbollic dreams and fantasies"

"Conscious union with the Father [soul of the trinity] can only be hoped for where there has been union with the Son thru works and devotion [the flesh, material world of the trinity], and union with the Spirit in the alert passivity of contemplation [Mind of the trinity]"
"If you wish to see It, have no fixed notions either for it or against it"
-Aldous Huxley

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