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Who was Douglas Adams?

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Another post I deleted.

So my usual spiel about this runs like.. "I was pretty left-brained"...and my left hand was not very useful.. that's connected to right side, I assume that has something to do with it. but I don't know. It's not much better now. So since I communicate better with my right brain now, my left hand coordination hasn't gotten much better, so I really am not so sure about the connection between those two things. I'm also aware that part of that is muscle memory. And I was STEM. You could say. Anyways, no interest in the occult, anything like that. My father was dismissive of all that stuff. But, he also didn't have much "resolution" on the subject. He couldn't differentiate between one genre or another. I guess I mean between "esoterica" and the (especially modern version) "Western Occult Tradition". The things you would find under the "Occult" banner at a big box book store. And that's kind of hard I guess.. He "assumed" I was talking Aleister Crowley (a personality I doubt he would know by name), when I was more Aldous Huxley. Or looking for Occult Magic, when I was looking for Kircher and Kepler and Maxwell. That "kabbalah" was mathematics. Man I wish I could have shown him the Art of Memory. I don't know what's up with all that. They didn't tell him anything? It was literally passed to me. Oh shit. Da Vinci Code, here we go.

So I say I had no interest in Occult stuff, and I was severely left brained (but oh, WHAT a left brain!). BUT... I played text adventures. Infocom's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was one of them. Evenutally someone told me it was based on books.. So yeah, I read that series several times as a kid.. And not with any kind of special understanding. They were just funny, and intelligent, and there was something there. And nowadays, yeah.. WHO THE FUCK WAS DOUGLAS ADAMS. lol. two headed man, the heart of gold.. the man who controls the universe is the "Fool". the total perspective vortex. It seems he was basically at least like Gary was to me on a.p.n. (alt.prophecies.nostradamus - all the archives are available. At least they were, but I rememeber hearing that Google Groups might be dropping the usenet archives. and that maybe someone else was taking it over? I dunno. I was surprised it was still there when I decided to go looking.. that would have been 2013ish. I got worried it might disappear and searched out and "printed as pdf" everything I could find.)

Gary had been so nice to me. I looked up, just a general hello. Nothing weird at all.. I maybe not have done the below yet even.. And he said "hermetic gary hasn't been around in awhile".. and its like.. haha, yup. I understand that. 24 years but.. in periods. And some periods it's not at all forgotten, but I don't do much with it.. blahblah. If you know about know, I guess. I suspect this is "The Way of the Fool" that Ovason talks about. I certainly knew I wasn't going to swear any oaths. What I found I was going to talk about to anyone I chose to talk about it. If you're finally along, pay attention to that last part there. No oaths, and telling what I want. It's going to be a recurring theme here.

So I said I had no interest in "occult" stuff, but yeah, I had put HHGTTG in my head many times, so there's that. And "after experience", I've really started to wonder who was.. Mason, Golden Dawn.. or just someone who read all that. It's like Eco... fuck he could not write Name of the Rose and Foucault's Pendulum without knowing a LOT of stuff. Eco > Adams though, don't get me wrong.

Ovason I know from Nostradamus Code. And then eventually, "The Zealot".. You know Mark Hedsel isn't real, right? I'm certain he's "Channelling" Max Heindel.I mean, talking himself through everything he studied. He writes it as a "dialog" with Hedsel, and it's SOOO fucking self-congratulatory. "oh yes David, that's right", "very good david". I think Hedsel sets David up to expound (and be such an excellent pupil) than David is learning from Hedsel. Seriously. Are you familiar? Leaf through it again with what I just said in mind. Not that there's not some very good shit in there. But you know, look it up, find the original source, and cite that instead.

So with Gary.. some of these are just things he had written to post on a.p/n and his vanity site at the time, others are things pieced together when we were discussing things. when I went and collect it again, I was "struck" by that.. I hadn't realized it at the time. And for the posts I'm showing below, when collected like that, I've removed everything of "me" unless it was needed to make what Gary was teaching made sense. I'm said it.. kabbalah kabbalah kabbalah. And Gary spoke back hermeticism, was wasn't what i was looking for. Not yet. I was very stubborn and someone arrogant, STILL. But regardless of my claims, which they usually kind of ignored.. but some times seem to believe, or neutrally encourange. Anyways. The point is.. nowadays this gary and me shit seems very "The Zealotor". And absolutely no one has to take my word for any of this. It's all there on alt.prophecies.nostradamus. (and I always give enough that could be used to search it and find it, and figure out accounts being used.. and drill down from there).

Yup, so while I say I had no training in the occult, and that I did it by myself.. I have to remember what Gary and Idris/Bri did for me. This is Gary. The page of "the hermetic mind" articles, its all him. Thats some of the stuff I collected. There's more, but I have to find it again. I probably should contact him to see if he wants his name associated at all, or if he would really like me to use his full name loudly and proudly. You'll see, he's right on it in these. I still think about the Red black and white... especially in terms of that weird french version of splendor solis with the different paste downs.:

The Temple of the Mind (A Hermetic Clue)
The Garden of the Mind (Mesopotamia & Universal Mind)
Hermes the Thief
A Hermetic Pole Shift
The End of Antichrist Dogma
Eating the Apple
The Skull of Arcadia [Part 1]
Red And White (Conscious and Sub-conscious) [Part 2]
The Pole Shift Caused an Earthquake That's Causing the Tower to Crumble


Again, the brain shit didn't wait until I found Jaynes... Or Master and the Emissary. I had already said "Metatron is the messenger from the right brain". You know, I wonder if the author actually read me. Hmmmm. I didnt see the left brain's logic strictness discipline single focus blah blah blah as "Master", but fuck yeah, that's good. ANd people, there are literally TWO consciousness inside you. You are two different people. Two daemons at the same time, independent. Do they time slice like fake multitasking? Passing the token of a single process? I dunno.. but this is organic and shit so I guess nything can happen. We can be quantum computing. THat's what my right side has been doing. Thinking about everything in terms of everything else. Combining. Coming up with "new thirds"

"i wonder if he read me". Usenet is where academics were. That was the original use. Thee were authors in A.p.n. Peter Lemesurier was basically a "Friend". regardless of how I went off in a.p.n., we talked in email as well. He wasn't like Gary or Idris, he would argue the minutae of "archaic french" and especially Provencal. (this is all off the top of my head eh.. memory like a motherfucker). But when you were talking specifics about the quatrains, he'd just in and whatnot. He liked the "Tripods" research.

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