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Alchemical Adventures in the Desert

Spagyrics - The Seven Basics

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35 Days ago I started the maceration process of seven tinctures based on the days of the week and the planetary rulers of those planets. The seven tinctures are as follows:

Sunday - Sun - St. Johns. Wort
  1. Improving Energy
  2. Improving Vitality
  3. Increasing Ambition
  4. Improving Sense of Sight for The Future
  5. Improve all organ functions
  6. Increase Health
  7. Create and Maintain Protection
  8. Increase and Improve Happiness
Monday - Moon - Maca Root
  1. Increase and Improve Connection with Subconscious
  2. Increase and Improve Instincts
  3. Increase and Improve Intuition
  4. Improve Digestion
  5. Heal and Maintain Stomach Health
  6. Heal and Maintain Throat Health
  7. Stimulate Immune System
  8. Regulate Hormones
  9. Regulate Emotions
Tuesday - Mars - Stinging Nettle
  1. Continued Action for Better Good
  2. Improve and Increase Passion for Life and Practices
  3. Increase Courage
  4. Heal and Improve Muscular and Virile Systems
  5. Heal and Improve Liver and it's functions
  6. Heal and Improve Gall
  7. Remove All Negativity and Wrongs in Life
  8. Healing from all things that would harm physically, mentally and spiritually
Wednesday - Mercury - Lavender
(Not Begun Yet Due To Lack of Alcohol)

Thursday - Jupiter - Lemon Balm
  1. Enhance and Guide Evolution
  2. Give love of Honor and Fortune
  3. Improve Moral Sense
  4. Increase and Improve Blood and Circulation
  5. Improve and Regulate Assimilative Functions
  6. Guide to and Increase Success
  7. Provide Complete Healing
  8. Rejuvenate Every Aspect of my Being
Friday - Venus - Burdock Root
  1. Increase Love and Respect of Self
  2. Increase Joy throughout Life
  3. Increase Levels of Compassion
  4. Clean and Clear Kidneys
  5. Purify and Cleanse Blood
  6. Heal and Improve Thyroid
  7. Maintain and Improve Skin
  8. Protection for Me and My Body
  9. Inhibit the Growth of Cancer Cells
Saturday - Saturn - Horsetail (Shavegrass)
  1. Improve Concentration
  2. Increase and Improve Perseverance
  3. Increase and Improve Self-Knowledge
  4. Maintain and Improve Bone Structure
  5. Cleanse and Maintain Spleen
  6. Increase and Improve Memory
  7. Strengthen and Improve Resolve
  8. Protect Psychic Space from Intrusions
  9. Cleanse Emotional Debris
In a couple of days I will begin the process of separating the plant matter from the tincture in order to begin drying and calcination. Hopefully all goes well but I am prepared to start over on some of them If I feel the need to.

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  1. Christophorus's Avatar
    Christophorus -
    Sweet! Alcohol and distilled water are never enough.
  2. Desert Alchemist's Avatar
    Desert Alchemist -
    Quote Originally Posted by Christophorus
    Sweet! Alcohol and distilled water are never enough.
    They are never enough indeed!
  3. Kibric's Avatar
    Kibric -
    Nice project. Hows the desert ? You try any native plant to your area ?
  4. Christophorus's Avatar
    Christophorus -
    Yes. Updates! How are things going!