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Truth, Love and the Objective nature of the Universe

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Truth - noun: "The quality or state of being true. That which is true or in accordance with fact or reality."

This is non subjective. If I look at a colour and call it green. And then another looks at a colour and calls it blue. Does it make both of these things true? Or True to one person and untrue to another. Or true to both parties, subjectively and simultaneously? No. The fact of the matter as it stands in reality is that the colour be of 'x' nanometres in wave length. This is verifiable by scientific instrumentation.

YWHW exists. This is not subject to a Human beings interpretation. This is a verifiable fact, of which the instrumentation for verification is that of fasting and prayer, which lead a person to experiential knowledge of the truth of this reality. It is a repeatable, verifiable mechanism, accessible by anyone with the gravitas to activate this set of instrumentation and experimentation.

To say to ones self "I do not believe in God" does not, in the slightest, create a reality in which God doesnt exist, for that person. On the contrary. The mechanisms that have been put in place by YWHW continue to have their effect on the person, however, simply, UN-knowingly to them, since they choose to forgo the trial of experimentation and delude one-self into believing that it is not true.

Such belief is for fairies, and to assume that those of us with a divine connection to YWHW are deluded by belief is a poor assumption to say the least. Most people that I know, who have a genuine love and understanding of God, have this, via the means which I laid out above. Through a direct experiential conditioning that transmutes a persons 'faith' (faith definition: complete trust or confidence in someone or something.) into that of 'knowledge' (definition of knowledge: facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation.)

This mechanism is empirically repeatable. (empirically definition: by means of observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic.)

To assume that your own perspective is "True" is a delusion, in all cases. The human being, when in its regular waking beta wavelength state, is by simple observation from any sound mind, restricted to what they are able to perceive. The scientists tell us that the brain actually takes in a significant amount more information than what we perceive and then discards most of it in the forntal lobe, filtering it for relevancy, before creating the experience that we receive in consciousness.

How can you propose to "Know the truth" when you know, full well that your perception of reality is limited, by biological limitations (if nothing else).

By definition, truth must entail all that is. all that was, is and will be. There is no way to deny this objective definition using logic. It is near impossible unless using logical fallacy.

And this is my issue then. That Philosophy has become a bunch of untested, abstract musings. Sure. We can say something along the lines of "consciousness is limitless and the mind can conceive all things, and that the mental sphere is in existence, and thus, my musings are true" but that would be delusion. The musings of the individual do not, and cannot, grasp the ALL. All that is actually true, is that there is an individual, whom has deluded themselves into believing that their opinion represents truth.

Now of course, this debate can simply be one of differences in definition. If by true, the individual is referring to "Things that I think to myself that make me feel good about my place in the world, and my place in it, that resonate with me and give me a sense of wholeness and connection with my surroundings" then sure. If thats what truth means to you, then fine. Ill accept that, those things are different for each person. But then, we would be speaking a different language, because in my language (English) Truth is (i repeat): "that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality."

We have a word in English that describes the other kind of truth refereed here: psychosis

psychosis - "a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality."

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  1. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    I think that what people often refer to as "truth" is more in line with the above definition. Again. This is not personal. I feel that ALL of humanity (myself included, and even my greatest mentors and those i respect most dearly) is suffering from the latter definition.

    My friend wholeheartedly believes that WWIII isnt going to happen in our lifetime. Does that mean that it's going to be true for him.

    No. It means that when the bombs hit he is going to be unprepared and that what he 'believes' to be true is going to be broken in an instant, as the objective reality of the situation takes stronger hold in his mind than his psychosis.

    "So Why, ElixirMixer, are you going to all this effort, and willing to debate and gripe with the rest of us, about the simple definition of what is true? Seems to us that you are just de-railing people, aggressively, for no reason. Poor form to say the least"
    Love. When psychosis is the leading decision maker in the human mind, then Love can not work its true form. Since love, is not an abstract psychosis locked away in the depths of the human consciousness. Love is a noun. It is a thing. It exists, objectively, outside of the human psychosis, and when seen objectively, it can then be understood, and used, just like any other tool.

    "I love you" - said every person in a relationship that had long since had the fires die and were just going through the motions. This psychotic claim to love is so harmful and deluded that is has destroyed countless families, left countless children fatherless, and all in all causes decay and a lack of true love, to spread like a disease. I have lost count of how many times I have seen people tell each other they love each other, only the next day to sign the divorce papers (metaphorically speaking).

    While defining love is outside of my abilities, its effect can be seen more concretely. Love can be seen as an emanation of chi from the heart chakra, towards another thing or being, or to one's self.

    In order to embrace the nature of unconditional love. One must first learn to love themselves. If a person does not love themselves, how can they possibly give love to other things? How are you possibly going to give something, that you yourself, are not in possession of. To say 'I love you' and then believe that you mean it, without actually being able to express the effects of love... this is psychosis. This is a delusion of the mind and not a correct interpretation. Consider the infatuation of a young person with their first lover. "I love him!" they say, not knowing what love really is, and not correctly interpreting that most of the "love" that they feel would more correctly be described as 'infatuation'.

    When we do not perceive reality for what it truly is, then we exist in psychosis. The person may have an etire group saying "He isnt good for you, he doesn't treat you well. He isnt going anywhere with his life." but the subject of the psychosis swears, against all advice of those whom care about them, that they are "In love".

    Does this mean that it is true for them? No. No it doesnt. It means that they think that they are in love. But objective reality, knows better. And such an infatuation can lead to varying ends, (maybe into true love even) but can be dangerous if miss-understood.

    And why is love so important?

    Well. I would hope that most of you here would know the answer to this already, but to put it bluntly, you simply dont get very far without it. At least, not far in terms of your spiritual development. When I learnt to love myself, I became much more able to love the people that are around me. This allowed me to unlock powers of empathy (a fantastic psychic tool).
    Since then I have gained a reputation for just being able to know stuff about people around me, how they feel, why they do the things they do, what there previous life experiences have been... etc. etc.
    Gaining empathy as a faculty of true unconditional love has changed my life and my outlook on the world completely. It is what has led me to this place of zero-tolerance to abstracted, non-concrete philosophy.

    A little linguistics... some words that make us feel good, some feelings attached to those words.. a proud reflection about how this all makes sense to us, and we need no proof and BANG. Straight into the psychosis we go. I have met Christians who talk about love that almost never do stuff for other people. Never actually help out the poor or anything that even mildly looks like the fruits of true love. And yet if you ask them about love, they will tell you that they know everything about it. Whats there not to know right? I love my kids, I love my partner etc.

    But do they? Do they really love their kids? The vasst majority of parenting that I observe in my environment is not even close to love. We see mothers by the legions, just do the bare minimum to keep their children alive and dont actuall do anything to contribute to the overall long term well-being of their children. Get distracted by the day-to-day entertainment and other shit that society has fed us to distract us from whats important.

    Another thing I have lost count of is how many parents I have met that say "We just had this baby" and when I say to them... "Oh really? Congrats! I have spent my life studying human nutrition and positive growth factors, would you like me to give you some of the information I have learnt so that you can give your child a good start to life" all i have ever heard in response is "No thanks. We're okay." Full Stop.

    I dont see much love at all in my country. Period. And yet every single person would claim that they have it. This is a deep and twisted psycosis. It is not "true for them, but not for you" It is just a deeply miss understanding of what the TRUTH of the matter is, that most people are unable to pump chi through the heart chakra. You cant pump Chi through the heart chakra and then just ignore the best interests of the people around you. Well not without some very conscious effort and why would you bother to do that unless to simply try and prove my statement wrong for the sake of proving me wrong. But when chi is pumping through the heart chakra, and directed at another person, the humans faculties of thoughtfulness and caring start to kick in and we start to see the wondrous miracle that is laying dormant in the human being begin to emerge.

    This does not happen with the abstracted, delusional, psychosis for of love. This only happens with TRUE love, the concrete phenomena that is what it is. what it was, what it is now, what it will continue to be, objective, repeatable, factual.

    So yeah. I call bullshit on peoples abstracted philosophy.

    Allow me to give a more subtle example. Lets say we take the book of homer.. Lets say we take the abstracted philosophy of the author and come up with a working theory. We test in on a subset of minerals and we get a certain result.
    And so we say, well it works for this and this, and thus, this abstract view of the elements must be of sound philosophy.

    But then what happens if i take a mushroom. And i apply the theory, and it doesnt work? Does this mean that the theory is True for the person that tested on minerals and Not True for the person that tested on a mushroom? Or does it jsut simply mean that the person who has deluded themselves into a theory, jsut didnt have enough information, found a theory that resonated with them, they found contentment in that theory and didnt bother to try and prove themselves wrong? Psychosis.

    Lets go again.
  2. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Lets take a computer function. It has parameters that it can take in, and it returns a value on those functions. Now we get someone that has a completely different view of the world to me, to plug in the variables, and then we get me to plug in the variables. No matter what my view is, the result will ALWAYS be the same.

    There is no such thing as subjectivity outside of the psychosis of the human mind. Even in things as subtle as magick, there are concrete rules and phenomena that occur that are repeatable and testable.

    Humans do not hold the truth. They cant, at least, not in the regular waking state that mosts humans exist day-to-day.

    This truth is objective. It doesnt care what you think. It just is, the way that it is, the way that it was, the way that it will be. If you die, the truth doesnt change. The truth in that instance is that you lived, for the most part in a stimulation educed psychosis, for the majority of your life, and then you died. Thats the Truth.

    The final test. Lets say I get someone that is quite easily convinced of things. Then i get them on the magic mushrooms and LSD. And then I sit there and convince them, wholeheartedly, that they can touch the stove and it will not burn them.
    Even if, while under the hallucination, they believe that they feel no pain, and that the stove is not burning them, and they are immune... they will.... without a shadow of a doubt, wake up the next day, with severe third degree burns on their hands.

    If you believe that the truth is subjective, you are simply living within psychosis. Thats the truth. And by doing so, you will fail to being to acknowledge reality for the way that it truely is, you will fail to start to remove yourself from the veil of ignorance that has entranced the majority of society.

    You may think that I am a cold bitter prick. And that is probably objectively true. But the reason for that is because I AM AWAKE. and i see THE TRUTH. and the truth is in the statistics. Death rates are on the rise. Your gov have bad plans for you. The world is dying and war will soon be upon us. You can delude yourselves as much as you like, but when the bombs hit, I will be prepared, and you will just be 'waking up'

    *the term (you) here is directed at just anyone reading this, and not at any one person. And it may appear that the recent conversation with Merovee triggered this, however, that would be a subjective view. This rant has been cooking as an objective part of reality and has nothing to do with any one person.

    Wake up. And stop talking shit. DO something that's REAL.
  3. black's Avatar
    black -
    Well thought out Mr. Mixer.

    I've had several discussions with my Mentor on this subject where he has explained to me that "The Truth" can only be found in "The Divine Light" and that our life here (in a world of Duality) is more like a dream, a delusion or an Acid Trip compared to our True Reality.

    The closer we come to Henosis the closer we come to The Truth.

    psychosis (or life in this Construct) - "a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with "Divine reality".

    Some time ago I asked the "Divine Light" what the Alchemists Prima Materia is and He replied that it is the "Divine Light", for without that there is no start to Alchemy.

    From what I hear the Earth is going to be fine, even better than it's been for a few hundred years ... it will flourish.

    But the human population may be in for a bit of a downturn.
  4. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Yes I agree Mr. Black that the earth will be fine. Perhaps not for the corporations that feed off of her natural resources, for a time. I believe, as the scientists do, that we are in for a mass extinction event. 95% of life will die, bit that the earth, and humanity, will, after a time of great tribulation, enter the golden age. And at that time I think the psychosis will fade. For a time.

    I ascribe mostly to the revelations interpretation mostly, and not from blind faith, I feel like all the signs are there that show that this apocalyptic event is coming. Perhaps sooner. Perhaps later.
  5. black's Avatar
    black -
    Those at the top of the financial pyramid that think they are running the show may be in for a big shock Mr. Mixer.
  6. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Looking forward to it. (and terrified at the same time)
    And yeah I think you mean that statement on more than one level.
    My short theoretical studies of Satanism, and the experience I gained from observing some dark cults and practitioners, have made me realize the severe plight that the satanist has gotten himself/herself into. And not just with God!!!
    It is a shock indeed, when the practitioner reaches the inevitable day, when those who they thought loyally served and worshiped them, reveal their dark intentions, and the fact... that it was their loyal servants, that held the power all along.
    Our leaders have been deceived and led astray via their dark desires and thirst for dominion. I would hate to see the bill oweing on all that power.......
  7. Awani's Avatar
    Awani -
    You should bury gold like this here... this should be a thread.

  8. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Thanks Awani