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A woman's work and a childs play

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"A woman's work and a childs play" - Ancient Alchemical axiom for the preparation of the philosophers stone.

I had some jars out last night, preparing what I now know to be the natural source for the 'Sal Metallorum' or the 'Centrum Naturae Congentratum' or otherwise the 'Regenerated Salt of Nature', commonly called The Central Salt.

As I was mixing the substance in a very large glass jar I couldnt help but have this axiom coming to my mind while I was doing it, thinking to myself, "Surely many women and children must have indeed done exactly what I am doing right now."

Today, after spending the day with the family, returning to work, and then taking a break and walking outside... I found my daughter Lilliana out the front with a glass jar. And to my amazement, my very own daughter, was performing exactly what I had been performing the night before in the silence of my laboratory. And this was the very moment that I realized, that after these many years.. I had discovered the true practise of Alchemy, the Sacred Science of God.

Thank you Lilliana. Truely the little children are the wisest of us all.

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