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Light Received: First Goal Complete

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I've never actually made use of the blog feature here, but this doesn't particularly have anything to do with anything else, and is, in essence, an update of my personal goings-ons.

So this past Thursday, Feb 10th, 2022, I was Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason, and it was amazing.
There are many little synchronicities that came up during it that I was not expecting - nods and winks and a bit of trolling from the Divine, which I appreciated. Lol

I felt quite honored, as my lodge is a small rural one, yet the current and past Grand Masters over the state showed up to it, which one of my Brothers of my lodge told me was rare and something he hadn't seen them do. My rapid learning and turning in the lessons has no doubt gained some attention. I was initiated on Dec. 14th, and the next meeting I turned in the EA lesson, passed to Fellow Craft the following meeting, and turned in that lesson at the meeting after that, which then lead to my being Raised. It was the fastest possible timeline to progress, and I'm proud that my recitations for the oral lessons were nearly perfect. Since I had felt called to join, completing this goal in this manner was an act of worship/reverence to the Divine that Called me.
Now, why I was called, is still to be revealed. There are many good and applicable lessons that have been imparted - and I've met a nice man who has been quite the Masonic Mentor, which I appreciate him for more than he knows, and I carry the two gifts he made and gave me, a pen and knife, everywhere.

The next steps are to turn in the Master Lesson for posterity (it's not required), and to gain a chair in the Lodge. Not sure which I'll start at, will talk to them tomorrow evening about it, but I've got till June before the new year cycle begins. Eventually, of course, I'll make my way to the East and spend a year as Worshipful Master over the Lodge. But that is a ways away id imagine. There are more immediate mysteries to begin pluming and further friendships to be made. One of my first points of interest is to join the Scottish Rite and the York Rite and go through their degrees.

Speaking of appendant bodies, what most don't know, is that the numerical valuation of the appendant bodies is not actually accurate to their "position" - but is a way to linearly track them. Likewise, the appendant bodies are not above the "Blue Lodge" (a phrase mostly used in the US, but referring to the usual Lodge Masonry and it's 3 degrees), they are in fact sub-degrees that expound on things that are contained within the 3. They are worth pursuing if one has the Mind and Heart for the Arcanum and love of the Craft itself, but none of them are "above" or "higher than" the Sublime Degree of Master. The best way I've found to visually represent this is as such:

So, all that being said, I will continue to learn and memorize all that I can (most things are oral, and not written down, and most of what is written down and that the public reads is skewed or wrong, and would be easy to spot as a fake, and/or is conspiracy shit from people who clearly haven't stepped food in a Lodge), and bit by bit receive all the Light I can.
One day I may make it to the Grand Lodge. Who knows? Lol
Or perhaps one day we may travel and meet brethren from everywhere and see all the little nuanced differences from the different jurisdictions. The skies the limit.
But for now I'm proud of the work I've done, the Lodge I'm in, and the Brothers I've met thus far. I look forward to more events, conferences, degrees and charities that are to come, and to have such a thing for my son to grow up with and be around and perhaps join in, if he should so choose to.
Cheers to the Sacred Acacia and wherever the winding staircase may lead.

~Seth-Ra / Jessie

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    Seth-Ra -
    Quote Originally Posted by Kiorionis
    Thanks Kio! Super excited and enjoying it quite a lot, and likewise happy to share anything I can.
  3. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Super cool dude. May I ask, when you applied to be a freemason, did you tell them about your alchemy?