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All In Good Faith

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All In Good Faith


I've seen how certain people treated Chasm369, Schmuldvich for asserting their views on Alchemy.

I've seen how bothered people can be by people who assert their views when the option to look away from what BOTHERS them is always there.

Are you listening to me? Oh okay. You're not bothered, are you? Oh no? Oh okay then I shall continue... But that other guy over there, when he speaks you're bothered.

Tell you what... When you go outside, do you hear the cars? Sure you do. I'm sure you hear the birds as well. They don't bother you.

Because you aren't listening to them. Your mind is occupied on other things. So don't blame the birds or cars for being noisy.

Don't blame people on the forum who aren't breaking rules to stop expressing their assertions. Look away if you must.

My love drives me to express my opinion on the art, share my work (eventually I promise it's coming), stick up for others, and to just hang out.

Bothered? Don't listen to me. Don't blame the cars, the birds, don't blame me for speaking.

Good day.

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  1. Awani's Avatar
    Awani -
    If you can’t debate and discuss and disagree then what are you doing in a forum? That’s what it is all about. Google ”forum define”.

    Updated 05-17-2022 at 01:50 PM by Awani
  2. Jimmy Rig's Avatar
    Jimmy Rig -
    I agree with you that we can simply choose to disregard the postings of someone we disagree with and this certainly can avoid a conflict or two but instead of ignoring the cars and the birds some would rather add some noise to the scene which is also okay, so long as the birds can keep singing their song as they too can ignore the cars and the lawnmower.
    We can all keep howling at the moon all night but it will not change its course.

    I think this is your way of debating, discussing and disagreeing with some of the noise on the forum and I think you are well within your rights to post what you have been whether members agree or not. Everyone see's in their own personal PER SPECTIVE.

    I enjoy reading the comments of many members. We all have something to bring to the table so cheers to that!

  3. tAlchemist's Avatar
    tAlchemist -
    i appreciate you both a lot