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****ed Up My Work

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Maybe I'll post pictures but if I do it will be next month in July.

I closed up my flask later my Work started to bubble!!!

However, stupid me, thinking there was too much water, I opened up my flask to try to drain some out.

What happened next? Nothing. I closed up my flasks and never saw the bubbles again.

Rule of thumb: Don't open your flask when the Work has begun.

I'm going to need about 1.5 more years before I can really ''Show'' my understanding of the Art... I didn't think it'd be a problem to open up the flask seeing as though I had only closed it up for a Day.

It takes a long time for me to collect the right materials needed for the Art.

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  1. black's Avatar
    black -
    There is an importance of Tenacity in this Great Work.

    Without it we would all just walk away and take up some common hobby.