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1st Distillation of Ethanol

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The goal of this process was to practice my distillation techniques, become more comfortable with the process and equipment, and have a good time. =) All measurements are approximate.

Using a simple distillation apparatus, I warmed about 150 mL mixture of various 40 proof spirits to distill ethanol.

I warmed the mixture to about 56 - 60 C to distill any acetone.

And I let it cook until distillation stopped (no further distillate is accumulating) and I removed and rinsed the upper portion of the apparatus. I collected less than 2 mL of acetone. Most was probably lost to vapor.

I increased heat to about 65 - 70 C to further distill impurities, primarily methanol.

And I let it cook until distillation stopped. Rinsed upper portion, dried quickly using gentle compressed air, and returned it to the apparatus.

Increased heat to about 80 C to begin distillation of ethanol, and let sit...

Two hours yielded about 20 mL of ethanol/water mixture.

To get a sense of size, the flask is 500mL and the distillate collector is 15 mL.

Collected ethanol will be used as a solution for future biomass extraction. (Fancy words for plants.)

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