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I Don't Like The Occult

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I don't like the occult or any efforts to try to keep information in the occult hemisphere.

The Tao shows us what it's like not to care, shows us what freedom looks like. It's my take on it.

But then you have occultists who seem so knowledgeable on the Tao, alchemy and magic, tell you their THOUGHTS on why certain aspects of the occult should be kept hidden.

It frustrates me because these supposed ''experts'' are busying themselves with their own thoughts.

No matter how accurate they are, they are thoughts. The Occult has shown me, not to care, not to worry, and not to let thoughts trouble you. If it will happen, it WILL happen...

So if I had the Elixir and I made a book detailing the exact process, and I also made a simple step by step tutorial and a video from start to finish down to the preparations all the way to the top of the mountain and I released this to the World, what would be more ''lacking''.... You worrying or me not worrying? To equal out the scale in all fairness, BOOM, don't care?!

After all, nothing matters, so why do you care what I'd do with secrets?

I don't like these secrets. They annoy me. I was very religious for a while, because of these occult books (bible in particular) talking in the way they do.

Don't cast pearls before swine? You are thinking. That is YOUR problem. Stop calculating the odds and let everything be.

If its released tomorrow, so fucking what, it seems like a lot of it is built upon your preferences, you want things to go or happen in a certain way... This is tension, control, lack of ''Tao-leadership'' by just letting things Be.

Anyone reading this can come up with millions of reasons why a thing isn't a good idea.

You are still thinking and that will forever be your problem.

Read my blog and come up with a counter-point/perspective. Do it if you care. Do it if you even can.

I don't like the Occult.

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Updated 09-06-2022 at 07:26 PM by tAlc

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  1. tAlc's Avatar
    tAlc -
    Then me not liking the Occult is built upon my own preferences.

    So who am I to talk?

    I never ever liked secrets, this is MY secret, but I've kept secrets because I wanted to do what was ''right''.

    Does Alchemy not show you?

    That the Self-Transformation One goes through starts off totally chaotic, gross, dark, until it is everything otherwise?

    You're holding on the steering wheel fearing the World's end, meanwhile, if the secret was released, the Sun will eventually have to come up... And when it does, the secret might be known to all that is left... And if there's no one left, why should that matter? It wasn't meant to BE.

    Everybody dies. Why should you or her or him survive? It's your preference. Holding on to steering wheels. Do your best, but don't strain or hate someone else for what they're doing or what they've done. They suffer from the same thing you suffer. Preferences.

    Just let go. Do your best. Don't care. If you must do a thing, do your best, but whatever happens, happens.

    There are people who have been burned alive, buried alive, went out in the worst ways. They had no choice. But somehow, the Tao made such possibilities, possible... Was he mistaken? The usual answer is No, the Tao makes no mistakes... So, why care so much about the outcome of anything?

    Just let go. Do your best. Don't care. If you must do a thing, do your best, but whatever happens, happens.
  2. tAlc's Avatar
    tAlc -
    Now I'm off to take my own advice.
  3. tAlc's Avatar
    tAlc -
    Reasons for secrets, I don't particularly have any by the way, I'm a thinker when it comes to Alchemy, unless I make the Stone I have nothing except theory and conception of the philosophy back of it which can be applied in other ways than alchemy......secrets reasons for secrets, is because imagine if bad and negative people who express this towards others got such a speechless gift of nature, and continued being bad and negative towards others with it... But then, I'm thinking, and when I'm not thinking, there's no threat, and it seems like there is some sort of ''agent'' i will say, that keeps you out of certain troubles,

    The conclusion that seems to me dawning for me is: If it happens, then it happened, if it doesn't happen, then it didn't happen but if it does, then it did happen, and if it did happen then that means that it happened. It is seeming like it is best to let all things be. Do your best if you must, but whatever happens, happens, and this outcome that transpires for better or for worse, desired or not, you let this circumstance be, because it happened, therefore it is, and if it is, that means it was, and now that it is, it will forever have been, let this be with full acceptance and with no concerns, no preference, you just being will fill you with all the splendor and with the providence of nature you will find yourself in all kinds of places.
  4. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    All that is hidden, must be revealed. The stone will be released to the world. In due course of the evolution of humanity. I used to think the same as you. But then I realised that if I released the stone, all that would happen is a quickening of the inevitable process of billions of human lives slaughter.

    This is going to happen regardless, and the stone be released to the world regardless. Stress less. It's not time yet.