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The rebuild

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So I got a new wife. I'm in a third world country teaching children mathematics.

Now is a good time to accumulate crypto. I'm not saying to bet the sheep station, but the price is historically low as fuck right now.

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if you buy and hold for 12 months now you are going to kill it. End of.

I must say. Living in a literal hell on earth, by sacrificing my own comforts in order to help others, I have build my own heaven.

Life is a literal video game. So go for the high score or please, for the good of all, learn to shut the fuck up.

With love.

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  1. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Just buy Algorand (ALGO) the FIFA World cup is coming up in November and Algorand signed a huge partnership with them. And Algorand is a meesly 0.30c right now

    For those who do not know why they should be buying crypto right now, let me assure you, you are a dusty relic that doesn't know shit about the world's new economy and how it is going to look. Your currencies are dying. Your economy is dying. Efficiency is King. And crypto CANNOT be stopped.

    Not that it 'wont' be stopped. Or 'shouldnt' be stopped. It just literally CANNOT be stopped. Such is the intrinsic nature of distributed ledger currencies.

    Buy Algo. I'm not going to go into the details because it's easy to work out on your own if you are so inclined.

  2. Andro's Avatar
    Andro -
    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer
    So I got a new wife.
    That was fast! Maybe a period of celibacy/no relationship would be even better?

    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer
    I'm in a third world country.
    Mind sharing where/what that country might be?
  3. tAlc's Avatar
    tAlc -
    this guy is gonna have great stories to tell his grandchildren some day if he so chooses
  4. ghetto alchemist's Avatar
    ghetto alchemist -
    I second what Andro said, that is amazingly fast to move on.

    My ex divorced me 8 years ago, then she died 3 years ago.
    Some days I still think I’m not 100% healed, and wonder if I ever will be.

    You’ll have to share your secret/s about how you were able to unfuck yourself so quickly.

    please, for the good of all, learn to shut the fuck up.
    That might be the best advice I’ve ever heard.
    I’m still not gonna follow it though. Lol.
  5. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    I should clarify. The "new wife" is actually my fiance. And we have a long courting period before marriage and no sex before marriage. So I am still celibate. And enjoying the new clean, non-sexual nature of my relationship actually. Sex is just so unnecessary and turns me into the worst form of myself.

    I am in the Philippines and basically got adopted into a very poor family in Cebu. I still live in Australia. I'm just here for 1 month this trip.

    I believe the key to moving on fast is to simply embrace the pain fully. I went out and fasted for 40 days and felt the full force of my mistakes and the adulteries that came as a result.

    Also, helps if you just go and get the Philippineo wife. The wives are reputed to be the best in the world, they are completely non-shallow if you find the right sort of girl aswell. You could be 65 years old and marry a 25 year old hottie that will be loyal until the day you die. And quite easily I must say. There are literally thousands of women over here waiting for their knight in shining armour to come and save them from this debilitating poverty.

    Now if you'll excuse me gentleman, I'm going to go buy an AK47 just because I can over here
  6. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Did you boobs buy when I told you to buy? Because we're already up 8%
  7. ghetto alchemist's Avatar
    ghetto alchemist -
    I didn’t buy any, but that was because you never told us which one you created.
    I only want to buy your crypto.
    Which one/s are up 8% in only 2 days?
  8. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    No. You don't want to buy the one I created.

    I created a crypto currency company called Fluidity Money. The currency itself was originally thought up by a friend of mine, my co-founder Shahmeer Chaudhry. I then designed the mathematics behind the incentive structures, while my role in the company was more of a business and partnerships role.

    However, I "exited" the company (sold my position). I am not legally allowed to discuss this and am still under contract so I won't be either. However, I can say that, I had different views about how the company should be run and how the project should continue forth. The other founders more or less refused to run it the way that I deemed "necessary" and thus, they decided to buy me out so that I would stop yelling at them.

    Honestly, buying any crypto that is not in the top 50 is a huge gamble. You want an established project that has hit some checkpoints in its development and that has a team that has PROVEN they know what they are doing.

    Fluidity has still not released its tokens or launched its product, which I find concerning since it was due to release almost 1 year ago. I am no longer at the wheel so I do not know the current state of the project, whether it will be successful or not. I personally will not be purchasing any. My money is on the top 10 crypto currencies. (Actually my money is only on one of them which is Algorand, but that's just because of my personal bias and probably is not a logical move)
  9. theFool's Avatar
    theFool -
    Reading your story, I wonder what kind of business opportunities exist in the "3rd world country" that cannot be found in the "western world". For example, is it possible to invest in a local plantation (e.g. coffee trees) and maintain an average way of living? I think that working for a salary in a 3rd world country won't help much in long term.
  10. ghetto alchemist's Avatar
    ghetto alchemist -
    Thanks for clarifying.
    And now you’ve sold me, I’m gonna buy some of this ALGO that you speak so highly of.
    What’s your recommended way for an Australian crypto noob to do that?
  11. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Easiest way would be to open and verify a CoinSpot account. The fee's are high though so this is only good for a buy and hold method.

    For high volume trading then I use FTX. Binance is another option.

    But I wouldn't recommend that. Just buy some of the stuff and let it sit there until it's about 6 - 8x the price and then sell it and then never touch crypto again. That's my plan.

    @TheFool. The work I do is all remote and I get paid in American dollars usually. I actually have a job interview for a decentralized trading protocol on the Solana blockchain in about 3 hours. So if I get that job then I'll be back on six figures and would have bounced back from the cataclysm of my sudden divorce.
  12. ghetto alchemist's Avatar
    ghetto alchemist -
    Great advice.
    Thanks brother!!
  13. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    You're welcome.

    Just a hot tip. This could even take up to 3 years to go back up.

    Really what I think is the most likely outcome, is that crypto is going to sit at about this level, until we see some proper USA regulations come out so that the institutional investors can start coming in. 95% of institutional money is just not going to move against the SEC. So until the SEC gets their shit together, we are probs going to keep seeing this choppy bullshit.

    However in saying that, the longer the USA keeps being retarded about crypto, the more talent they are losing, the more potential taxes they are losing. There are some pretty significant reasons for the SEC to pull it's finger out, so it will happen eventually. Even some stable coin regulation which could be due even in the next 6 months, would mean big things for crypto.
  14. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -
    Invest what you don't need.

    Not the sheep station like I did
  15. elixirmixer's Avatar
    elixirmixer -

    An error made here.
    I recommended CoinSpot to Ghetto Alchemist because I knew from previous communications that Ghetto is in Australia. You'll have to find corresponding facilitators in your own country.

    A simply Google search should probably bring up what you need. If in doubt, CoinBase or will suffice.

    Do NOT leverage any money. Aka, do not trade in perpetuals. Unless you know what you are doing. Beginners who do such things are very likely to lose their entire capital.

    Buy tokens or trade "spot". And hold. This is the safest strategy. And stick to my recommended tokens. Binance and Solana are other big players.

    None of this constitutes financial advice and if you try to sue me I'll just have you shot because I can't be bothered coming to court.