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Contemplation of Process

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So far, mere distillation and extraction are not practices of alchemy in their own right, though they are undoubtedly a part of the alchemy process. I feel that what really makes alchemy alchemy is the inward, mental observation of our own spiritual chances as a result of these physical practices.

The simple feeling of accomplishment in having finished a completed product is satisfying in itself, but I expect there are other, deeper considerations to be had. At this point, I don't have much of a basis, and I realize that only after a long period of time, having gone through many various processes, will I have a clearer window of insight into my being.

I have never been much of a spiritual person, but there is certainly something spiritual about this process. I can't say that this means I have a soul.

A bit of blatant honesty, though necessary: I have enjoyed "manipulating" nature. Though, this is really inaccurate, as nature will do what nature does, and I have not forced nature to do anything. Though it feels that way. It is easy to say I "created" something, when in fact nature did all the work. I merely bottled it up. Rationally I can see this logic, but that feeling is still there. It is arrogant and violent.

This is not a "bad" thing as I see it, but something valuable to be considered deeply at this juncture.

After the installation of cabinets, I needed to redo my sign:

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  1. DonSweet's Avatar
    DonSweet -
    Excellent thoughts. Those that haven't reached this point, haven't truly broken the threshold of consciousness.