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Proof Experiment (part 1)

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My objective is to find an alternative method of measuring alcohol content.

The process is simple in theory. Dissolve an amount of salt (NaCl) which would completely dissolve in a known amount of water/ethanol mixture (amounts calculated by weight, not volume); treat the mixture as if it were 100% water when determining how much salt to add (for example, 3.59 g of NaCl dissolves completely in 10 g water at 20 C). Weigh the amount of undissolved salt remaining, and that will tell you how much water is in the mixture, which will tell you how much "other stuff" is in the mixture (the majority of the "other stuff" will, presumably, be ethanol). Percent of ethanol can then be calculated.

For this process, as when dealing with a hydrometer for measuring specific gravity, the existing dissolved sugars and minerals from the water used (if any) will give false readings. These substances can be removed through complete distillation before testing. (Percent alcohol must be calculated against the total amount of the sample prior to distillation.)

My plan is to experiment with some known proofs to determine if this is a viable method. If so, part 2 will consist of a step-by-step outline of the procedure, along with pictures.

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